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Moviebox for Android – PC/Mac/iOS/Windows/Computer [2022]


Moviebox for android is one of the most talked about apps in the market. It gives an opportunity to the users to view latest movies, TV shows and music videos. You simply need to swipe your fingers from left of the screen in order to have an access to different media types. This can be done via side menu.

You can also store your favorite videos after collecting them. It serves as a storage place for an incredible video viewing experience. The best part about the Moviebox app is that it supports multiple formats including the likes of MKV, AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV and so on.

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Moviebox app for android is a favored app for the music and movie lovers. There are a substantial number of such apps available in the market but Moviebox is a special one in this regard. Moviebox helps the user to see movies, trailers, TV shows and a lot of other stuff for free. Isn’t that tempting? You are also suggested videos that you might want to check out while scrolling through the other videos.

Moviebox for PC serves as your personal database for movies from where you can select the movie you want to watch and enjoy the proceedings. It can be called a movie organizer as well that works very different and in a better way than the other movie based apps in the market. The simplicity of the app makes it very special among the others.

Features of Moviebox:

  1. Movies that match your liking pattern are also recommended by this app, which makes it easy for you to explore new movies.
  2. The info about the cast is also provided by the app and it helps you to learn more about the movie you watch.
  3. You can filter the movies you want to watch based on their popularity, ratings, date of their release, etc. The movies that are coming soon are also featured for trailers in the app.
  4. Moviebox gives a chance to the user for rating the movie they see.
  5. The best part about the Moviebox app is that it enables you to share the movies you like with the others through the social media platforms.
  6. Moviebox app supports 4 different languages namely English, French, German and Turkish.
  7. It enables you to watch trailers of the upcoming movies.
  8. The artwork and the stills of the movie can be checked by the user in the Moviebox app.

How to download Moviebox for Android:

Moviebox is basically a third party app for the Android platform and hence, it should be downloaded using the APK files. All the third part apps are downloaded on the Android platform using the APK files.

Here are the steps for the same:

  1. Copying the APK files on your memory card is the first step to take while downloading Moviebox for your Android device.
  2. After copying the APK files, you can inject the memory card into your own device.
  3. You need to download an app installer in the next step.
  4. The APK files are then displayed and you can choose the app you want to download from there.
  5. Within a few minutes, your favorite app Moviebox is downloaded for your Android device without any hassles.