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New Technology 2019


Today’s technologies are going to shape tomorrow’s world. There has been a breakthrough in new technologies that have a huge impact on people’s life. As Chief Technology Officer at the World Economic Forum said: “From income inequality to climate change, technology will play a critical role in finding solutions to all the challenges our world faces today, this year’s emerging technologies demonstrate the rapid pace of human innovation and offer a glimpse into what a sustainable, inclusive future will look like.”

Let’s look at how some new technologies have an impact in 2019.

Say Hello To Our Social Robots

A social robot consists of an artificial intelligence system. It is designed to interact with humans and other robots. Social robots also can take over entire job functions, or instance greeting or basic customer service. At home, social robots can be efficient enough to serve as a member of the family and be knowingly designed with unique qualities to engage with the family members. 

Smarter Fertilizers

We need to increase crop yields to feed the world’s growing population. Yet, we can apply more fertilizer to help boost crops. But it has come to the point that it can inefficiently harm the environment. Luckily, new fertilizers which are more ecologically friendly sources of nitrogen, and microorganisms enhanced take-up by plants. Plus, they are more ecologically sound controlled which emits fertilizers

Advanced Food Tracking And Packaging

Do you know that about 600 million people eat infected food each year? It is essential to find the source of an outbreak. It used to take days or even weeks to discover, but now it’s being tracked in minutes. How? It’s by the blockchain technology… It is used to monitor every step of a food item’s advancement throughout the supply chain. In the meantime, sensors in packaging can indicate when food is about to spoil, and it reduces the need to waste a whole batch once an expiry date is near.

 DNA Data Storage

Our data storage systems keep on increasing and with the amounts of data, we produce it’s hard to keep up the numbers. In less than a century, they are set to reach a size. But through research, using DNA-based data storage, it acts as a low-energy replacement to computer hard drives. It comes with huge capacity. And guess what! It suggests that all the world’s data for a year could be stored on a cube of DNA measuring. 

Where there’s Data Storage, one might think of the GDPR! Are our details being kept for the reason there being used? That’s a question to ask. For example, Regal Wins Casino is an online casino site that collects personal information but uses it only for the reason it has been collected. Plus, the data is not shared  with third parties.

Utility-Scale Storage Of Renewable Energy

Storing energy produced by renewables when there are no natural sources such as sun or wind has been a difficulty in improved take-up. Lithium-ion batteries are set to take over storage technology over the coming years, and there will be persistent advances that should result in batteries that can store up to eight hours of energy. How cool is that!