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Roulette Company Aims To Global Presence


Cammegh is known for producing the world’s finest roulette wheel, and besides this, the company will make a show at the gaming exhibition show G2E Vegas. The UK company continued its claim on North American, across Nevada, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Washington State. The G2E attendees are invited to visit Cammegh’s booth 2026 in order to observe a beautiful hand-painted roulette, the Mercury 360 Wheel. 

The wheel is adorned with Stars and Stripes synonymous with the USA flag. This is referred to by Cammegh as The Patriot Wheel. The company will also present the Mini Wheel called Slingshot 2 Automatic Wheel with a patented RRS wheel with Halo, and Nevada’s favourite, the Triple Zero Wheel. 

Cammegh’s Billboard Display Systems

Cammegh’s leading roulette wheel will be accompanied by the Billboard Display Systems. The screens display pin-sharp results with a host of customisable features. Their in-house graphics team work with customers in order to produce eye-catching and unique way of displaying game results.

Additional features will allow the partners to capitalise on the Billboard Display Systems high performance by adding timers, rotor direction indicators and rotor speed warning that are usually undetectable to the players. Besides these customisations, operators will be able to also monitor the game with ease, by allowing to surveillance the whole gaming operation. 

For example, everyone is used with the classical roulette and the digital one, well you can also see it in video games in the same feature. Not to mention that in online casinos, roulette games are featured as the classical ones as well. In order to understand how a digital roulette can work, the 20p Roulette seems to work similar to Cammegh’s roulette, without the need of displaying on another screen the gameplay. 

Roulette isn’t the only game available on the Billboard Display Systems. The screens can show the results of games like Baccarat and Blackjack. In addition, Blackjack will also have a combination of various results aimed at giving players and spectators a gameplay show. 

Last Words

Andrew Cammegh said that their team has been extremely busy with a series of US installations in recent months. In the week of the G2E Vegas show, there will be 7 installations. North America continues to be a good partner for Cammegh because the Triple Zero wheel is growing in the tourists hotspots. 

Across the US market, Cammegh is growing with operators that appreciate the value of business and at the same time they also appreciate the service and quality of the delivered product. 

Andrew also added that they are excited to bring their roulette product to G2E Vegas alongside their latest innovations and upgrades. They welcome everyone at the exhibition show to partake first-hand in a complete roulette experience.