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The Impact Of Technological Changes On The Foreign Exchange Market


The foreign exchange market is a dynamic one, so it is constantly changing. This is largely due to advancements in digital communication and the proliferation of mobile devices. Modern technology has brought about significant changes in the world of trading. This is not a bad thing, as more and more individuals are getting involved. Buying and selling currency is not done in one location, but rather conducted between participants from all over the world.

How you execute a trade today is different placing a trade in the old days. In this article, we will discuss the technology improvements that have changed and continue to change the landscape around us.

Competition – the tango of the market and technology

A competitive landscape comprises competitors and their position at a specific time in the market. The market is changing owing to broadening participation in the industry. What is more, execution has changed, as the market is no longer dominated by trading between dealers.

At present, technology makes the foreign exchange market more competitive, reducing costs and allowing brokers and platform providers to improve their offer. Advancements mean that the Forex market will become more and more competitive and there will be more opportunities for the spectacular.

With the introduction of technological improvements, the Forex market has undergone a real revolution. Besides the fact that access to the market is no longer limited, there is hope for new business models such as online trading models. Providers are required to have the latest technology and to incorporate more features into their platforms. Take charting software, for example. It is impossible to notice movements in the foreign exchange market if they are not plotted on a chart. In the constantly changing world of trading, it is necessary to adapt to succeed.

Emergence of trading tools

The vast majority of changes in the foreign exchange market are linked to automation and computing power. Speaking of which, over the last years, there has been an emergence of trading tools, aimed at helping Forex traders maximize their strategy. More and more individuals use trading tools to support their financial activities. Online tools have made Forex trading more accessible than ever. A great many tools are available for Forex traders. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • MetaTrader 4 – Commonly referred to as MT4, MetaTrader 4 is an online trading platform that is mainly deployed by speculative traders. It is basically software that is used as the main trading platform, offering broad technical analysis options, flexible trading options, and the possibility to execute transactions on the phone. Forex brokers typically offer useful tools via a MetaTrader 4 package.
  • Pip calculators – In Forex, the pip represents the price move in a given exchange rate. It is important to calculate pip value when you base your currency pairs. Now, you can do that with the help of a pip calculator, which allows you to determine if a trade is worth the risk.
  • Time zone converter – The time when a trader seeks to be active in the foreign exchange market can have a profound effect on the bottom line. With a Forex time zone converter, it is possible to keep track of opening and closing times for markets all around the world. Sometimes, the hours of important trading centers overlap to a certain extent. Instead of staying up all night, it is recommendable to use a time zone converter.

Freedom for Forex traders

Traders in the foreign exchange market enjoy a great deal of freedom. They are free from a financial standpoint, not to mention that they can do whatever they want with their economies. Those who place trades in the FX market full-time are the ones that are truly free, as they can select trading opportunities and make use of their time in what way they want as long as they have an Internet connection.

Forex traders have the freedom to choose the best option – in other words, the best strategy. For instance, you can buy and sell a currency pair and hold it for a short amount of time so as to make profit. This is called scalping. Scalping Forex brokers help traders enter the market for profit. They follow the market model and generally offer micro accounts that do not connect the trader with the global liquidity pool.

Of course, there are scalping indicators that help traders make profit when it comes down to small price changes. They will never replace the human factor in financial transactions, but scalping indicators are indeed useful.

Speaking of freedom, Forex traders are not permanently linked to a trading platform. This means they have the possibility to switch brokers and move their investments. Thanks to Internet browsers, packages are highly accessible, so individuals do not have to make compromises if they are unhappy. If you happen to have an account with a web-based broker, think about checking out the competition. Analyze the offers while you enjoy your cup of Joe.

Forging positive connections

One very interesting concept in the foreign exchange market is represented by social trading. It refers to a form of investment that enables people to observe the actions and behavior of their peers. And follow their strategies. Nowadays, there are platforms specifically designed for social trading, bridging the gap between amateurs and professionals. In addition to online platforms, social media has made it simple for Forex traders to get together and share their insights.

Social media plays an important role in the world of trading, ensuring connectivity among traders, enabling faster communication, and helping people make better decisions on the whole. Huge chunks of data can be found on social networking platforms. Facebook and Twitter constantly make available posts talking about Forex trading. Traders, as well as brokers, should listen and communicate. In terms of connecting, LinkedIn proves to be the place where Forex brokers and traders can meet. No matter if you are new or experiences, get to know your peers. You will not regret it.