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The Most Exciting Destiny 2 Raids You Will Definitely Love 


Destiny 2 can be loved and hated for a lot of things. However, one of the most exciting things that all players enjoy is raids. There are many of them and they cause different emotions for different players because there are those that are fascinating and fun, and there are those that still lack something. 

Over its five-year history, the video game has gone through many changes and has greatly improved and grown in the eyes of gamers. Of particular joy is the quality of the content for endgames. The biggest admiration is the raids, in which 6 participants can take part. In the course of the process, we can enjoy a lot of complexity and this is the interest because you need to be able to adapt to everything and invent something new for successful and quick completion. 

However, when faced with something particularly difficult, you can use the Destiny 2 Raid Carry to make things easier for yourself and you can get a lot of goodies in the form of loot, equipment, exotic items, and more. 

Garden of Salvation 

One of the favorite places of many gamers has become the Black Garden and this raid invites everyone to return to this extraordinary place again. There were many events in which everyone took part. 

It is impossible to single out this raid and say that it is the best since there are both advantages and disadvantages, but it is not as bad as it might seem. The first few playthroughs are fun and exciting. However, getting here not for the first time starts to get boring. 

In the process, you can notice some bugs that interfere with enjoyment. Speaking of valuable things that players get in the process, here you can get great weapons that will come in handy for the next adventure. The environment is great, but it’s hardly the main indicator for many players. 

Vault Of Glass 

We were able to see an updated version of the original raid, however, we noticed something new in terms of mechanics, various challenges, and other exciting things. In this raid, the updated mechanics are valuable, thanks to which it becomes more difficult to play not only for beginners but also for experienced gamers. In the process, you need to pay attention to many things, as well as correctly calculate the time. This causes genuine interest in every gamer. 

Having dealt with all the proposed challenges, you get access to exotic weapons that many players are hunting for. Therefore, this raid is worth it. As you face an increased level of difficulty, things start to get more interesting and you realize that you need to work on increasing your power to get valuable rewards. 

Deep Stone Crypt 

Two years ago, players were able to take part in this raid, which turned out to be truly worthy. Its attractiveness lies not only in the fact that you can get valuable weapons or other rewards, but in the fact that it is really interesting and exciting, so when you start playing, you can just immerse yourself in the process and forget about many things. 

Moreover, it is highly appreciated not only by experienced players but also by beginners who can quickly get used to the game and gain experience to move on to more complex content. 

The environment of this raid deserves some attention. Here, the developers did their best, from visual effects to mind-blowing sound. Some players are only dissatisfied with the fact that the bosses and enemies here are not particularly difficult, so experienced players can be a little bored. 

Vow Of The Disciple 

This does not apply to legacy content, as this is a completely new raid that has been loved by a huge number of gamers around the world. Here again, it is worth paying attention to the impressive environment, which is unlike anything seen before. Therefore, you will want to just stop and enjoy what you see. 

In addition to the wonderful environment, you will certainly note that it is important to have a decent level of skill here since the encounters here are difficult. Moreover, you will be pleasantly surprised by the crazy boss, which is not so easy to fight. In the future, you can expect all bosses to be just as challenging and interesting. 

Last Wish 

If to choose favorites, then this raid undoubtedly takes the first position. The designers have gone to great lengths to deliver something exceptional in terms of difficulty, fun, and rewards. 

It is the longest of those that we have seen before, but it cannot be said that you can get bored during the process. All thanks to the fact that every encounter absorbs you. You must apply all the knowledge and skills that you have perfected before. All this is dressed up in an amazing visual story, from which it is impossible to tear oneself away. 


Presented 5 raids prove that the developers are improving the gameplay. This is not to say that every raid is exemplary, but most of them are unique experiences that both veterans of the game and newcomers find joy in.