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Top 5 Tips And Tricks For Illuminating Your Home


When people talk about a beautiful home, you may think of light and open spaces which create a sense of warmth and sophistication. Without light, properties tend to look dim and cramped, making the house look a lot smaller than it actually is. If you feel as though your property sounds more like the latter, you should consider the following tips which will help you inject more light into your home and make it beautiful again. 

Smart Lighting 

A more synthetic way of adding light to your home is with smart lighting, which not only looks great but can also help you to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills. A popular smart lighting fixture is automated lights which are powered by motion detected, so they only switch on when someone enters the room. Many properties companies utilise this technology in their new build properties to boost tenant interest. North-west based property experts, RW Invest use this feature in their city-centre apartments to create light and spacious properties that are fit for young professionals. 

Sheer Materials 

The windows in your home are what bring in the most natural light, so instead of covering them up with dark and heavy curtains, you should go for something lighter. One of the most effective materials for letting in natural light is sheer drapes which will brighten up any room, while also making it appear larger. You could also opt for light-coloured curtains in cream or ivory, which again will let in the light but will also offer you the privacy you require in your home. 

Light Decor

Keeping with the light theme, you should try to avoid dark colours on your walls and instead opt for neutral palettes, as light-coloured walls will reflect more natural light across the room. To create a luminous effect, you could also consider investing in a high-shine floor, which will bounce light around the room. You can choose from a variety of materials including wood, stone, ceramic and more which will all create a brightening effect.

Mirroring Effect 

Another great way to reflect light is by installing mirrors throughout your home, which will not only brighten up the space but also create the perfect aesthetic. To enhance light using mirrors, you need to place them in the right areas. A great trick is to place a large mirror across from the biggest window in your living area which will bounce light around the entire room. Another good tip is to place mirrors in narrow areas, such as a corridor or stair landing which will reflect light and create necessary width. 

Glass Furnishings 

One of the most reflective materials is glass, so if you want to create a more expansive space or brighten up your home, you should pick out some translucent furnishings that will fit with your decor. This could be anything from a glass coffee table to acrylic ornaments which will make even the smallest space look airy and open. You should try to include some glass furnishings in rooms which have a lack of sunlight such as your bathroom which could benefit from a shiny cabinet or glass shower doors.