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Useful Tips on Starting a Pay Per Head Business


Are you a new bookie? Do you need useful tips to start a pay-per-head business? Or do you want to avoid basic mistakes made by rookies in the pay-per-head software business? Then you’ve landed on the right page. Remember you don’t need to be a tech geek to be a successful entrepreneur in the pay-per-head business. All you need is a strong capital base, a risk instinct, and you are set for a rewarding bookie enterprise. Here’s a list of useful tips on starting a pay-per-head business.

  • Get a pay per head software

Getting a pay per head software is the one decision a bookie has to be careful in making.. Securing a pay per head software is a necessary step in becoming a successful bookie. A trustworthy vendor goes a long way in determining the stability and instability of your business. With a functional software, agents would be able to watch and keep an eye on the live actions of their client . This ensures a good reputation on your part which would equally boost your business.

  • Get a reliable pay per head service

A trustworthy pay per head service provider helps you as a starter with tools that’ll enable your business flourish. These tools include: a custom website, custom reports, bookie software, access to a standard call center and an online casino. Examples of top 5 pay per head software providers include: 247PPH, A1PPH, PayPerHead247 and America’sBookie.

  • Ensure you hire the right collaborators

You cannot go wrong with a background check on whoever you want to contact to assist you in setting up your pay per head service. The best decision a rookie in the bookie business can opt for is collaborating with experienced hands in setting up a pay per head business. A collaborator is someone who works jointly with another person or a group of people in order to achieve or do something. Hiring collaborators might be tasking but it is worth the stress. A trustworthy collaborator, with years of previous technical experience would bring increase and stability to your business line.

  • You need a cashier

Irrespective of how good you are at calculations, handling all figures related to the betting operation is tasking. Subsequently, as the business expands you need an additional staff to occupy the role of a cashier. Hiring a cashier should be a top priority for you if you are going to succeed as a pay per head business bookie.

  • Get a dedicated call center

Traditional ways of making stakes cannot be underestimated. Having a call center you can count on is like having a steady and secure source of income as you would always have clients who prefer to book over the phone rather than booking online. A dedicated call center is essential to the growth of the business and the stability of the operation.

  •  Add an online casino

An online casino is a very credible asset. No one would want his or her clients to take their betting actions somewhere else. In addition, an online casino brings an extra pay per head fee.