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Using Technology To Your Advantage In Business


The modern day presents a lot of opportunities for the use of technology in business. Due to the fact it is incredibly multi-faceted, technology is used in a range of ways, whether in our offices, in global communication or in our customer service. There are a number of benefits in the use of technology in your business, and it is important to be aware of them so they can be used to your advantage. Whether you are part of an SME or a large business, the key to succeeding with tech in business is in knowing exactly what your business needs and just how to utilise technology to fulfil these needs. There are a range of ways tech can be used and we’ll discuss some of the most popular uses in this piece.

The Use of Relevant Software

Software is an all-encompassing term identifying programs and operating information used by a computer system. Software is always a part of modern day business operations. Every company that uses computers should be using a security software to protect from viruses. Generally, uses of software will vary but optimised usage can be great for management. In the modern day, all businesses need an Internet browser. Many businesses will be in need of a good data management software. Businesses that operate internationally may be in need of export documentation or global trade management software. UK based company ManSys offers software that allows businesses all over the world to optimise their international practices. Businesses should find software that is tailored to their requirements. Good software is rarely free – so it is important to ensure you make the most of your spending by using a software with the right purpose.

The Use of Apps

Apps are a multi-billion dollar industry – and it is no wonder with how well they assimilate into our personal and business lives. Applications are part of our everyday when it comes to:


Apps like Skype bring people from across the world together. With only an internet connection, people are able to have meetings and maintain relationships with colleagues, partners and investors. Skype has also been used in the Recruitment process, with many businesses holding interviews with people who are unable to travel in. Phone freeware like WhatsApp allows people to communicate with people all over the world too. Emails apps are also brilliant for communication and storage of said communication.


Applications like Slack are brilliant for optimising teamwork and promoting efficiency within your organisation. The use of apps like Slack, Dropbox and Trello are great uses of technology that everybody within a business with benefit from. They allow people to stay organised without the use of paper and filing cabinets and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Document Creation

Everyone’s heard of Microsoft Office, Apple Pages and Adobe Acrobat because they are leaders in the field of document creation. Documents are vital for businesses across a range of industries as they hold information and this information can be easily shared. They can be stored on a range of storage and file sharing services.

The Use of the Internet

People use the internet every day. Today alone, you will likely use it to communicate with someone, research something or share an image with your friends.  It is the biggest information system in the whole world and businesses should capitalise on this wherever possible. A company website, social media channels and storage services like the Cloud are everyday ways businesses use the internet to their advantage. These channels cannot exist on their own, but require dedicated participation from company members.

Benefits of Technology in Business

Improve Work/Life Balance

Technological tools such as the Cloud, WhatsApp and sharing/organisational apps means staff members and employers are able to be involved in the business without having to spend all their time in the office. Making business files and communication secure yet accessible can be great for employees who have families or who want to experience more of the world around them!

Improving Business Productivity

Technology is great for employee and employer productivity. It can be used to automate a number of activities and services, taking stress off staff and limiting the capacity for human errors. Technology centred around file sharing, storage and date organisation can allow teams to collaborate effectively. Files are sent instantly and kept ecologically friendly with the use of email – far are we from the days of needing to post or fax paper documents. Businesses are also able to securely store all passwords with the use of password managing apps and software.

Better Customer Service

Customer service is part of every business strategy – and getting this right will create customer loyalty and growth. A good use of social media and efficient use of emails is great for building and maintaining customer relationships. In having a managed Facebook page, and a well-monitored email address, you are able to meet your customers’ needs. Technology allows businesses to be responsive to customers, and also to manage their brand reputation online.

It is important to note that the best way to use technology to your advantage is to use technology that is a necessity. Companies can end up wasting money on software, apps and services they don’t need. Technology should be used to enhance your business’ strengths and to improve necessary aspects of your business. Tech can be expensive – so choose wisely!