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YouTubers Are Buying Likes – Here’s Why?


It might come as a surprise to some of you, but it is true that some YouTubers grow their business by buying likes. You might be wondering if buying YouTube likes is a crime or an illegal activity. Well, the answer is no! As long as the likes you get on your videos come from genuine and active YouTube accounts, it shouldn’t be the matter to worry about. In fact, most of the YouTubers today buy YouTube likes to not only become famous in this second-most famous search engines but to kickstart their career in this field. 

Vlogging can be easy, but drawing the attention of your target audience and getting them to like your videos can be super challenging in today’s competitive world. No matter how unique and rare your niche is, you will find plenty of YouTubers covering the same topics on YouTube. For those who don’t know, YouTube attracts more than 2 billion views a day. The figure clearly suggests how popular this platform is for any blogger or brand that’s looking to expand their business. Here we’re presenting the main reasons why YouTubers buy YouTube likes.

Get a Kickstart

When you update a new video on YouTube, you probably think of getting famous in this industry in a month or two. Of course, you think of receiving plenty of views and thousands of likes on your first video. Unfortunately, this isn’t how things work. As mentioned before, there are thousands of videos already running live on YouTube. And, these videos have received so much traffic that they get on the top of the search engines. 

A video without a decent number of views and likes is likely to get lost in the YouTube search engines. This is because the first choice of people is the blog with maximum likes. Unlike organic ways that take days and even months to attract people to your blog, the paid YouTube likes can give you a kickstart. When your content starts receiving likes, YouTube considers it important and pushes it to the top. This is when people start viewing your video as they think your blog is famous and offers informative and engaging content.

Improve Your Social Capability

YouTube’s algorithm gives extra attention to the content that receives more likes and views. The more likes you manage to get, the higher your position is on YouTube’s search engine. Now that you are at the top, people are more likely to click on your video link than scrolling down. If they find your content informative and valuable, they won’t think twice before subscribing to your channel and sharing your video with their peers and relatives. 

This way you start receiving more organic traffic. Make sure that this strategy only works when you are sure that your content is outstanding and it provides some value to your users. Once you have built a loyal fan base, you will no more need to purchase likes as people will automatically search for your brand on YouTube. 

Better Search Engine Rankings

It is a no brainer fact that the number of likes and views a post receives on the Internet has a huge impact on its success. YouTube has a specific algorithm designed to rank videos on its search engine. Of course, keywords and the quality of your content matters but one of the most common and easiest strategies of catching the attention of your target audience is getting more views and thumbs-ups on YouTube. 

You cannot just rely on your brilliant content to rank higher on YouTube. People are already trying their best to come up with high-quality content for better rankings. Hence, it is better to choose the alternative way of generating traffic to your videos.

YouTube suggestions

When you type your keyword in the search bar, the first thing you notice is “YouTube’s suggested videos”. These are the videos that have higher chances of getting views and likes. If your video manages to collect a large number of views, then YouTube will add it to their suggestions list. It will suggest your videos to the regular viewers, increasing your chances of getting more famous.