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10 Hurdles Every Start-Up Needs To Consider!


Start-ups tend to be very risky yet rewarding at the same instance. For entrepreneurs, the biggest dream is to turn their idea into a reality. In the process of converting that dream into a reality, there are a number of phases and difficulties involved. People mostly talk about the pros and all the blessings those start-ups bear but rarely talk about the hardships faced by the individuals who establish these businesses.

Let us consider some of the most important hurdles and aspects, which entrepreneurs need to consider. Proper handling and management of these issues will help them focus their efforts more efficiently which will in turn bring success.

  • Polishing your idea

The first and foremost thing that every start-up needs is a business idea. Remember that you cannot entirely depend on your initial idea. Every idea needs polishing and improvement before it becomes a reality. As you develop your ideas into actuality, there are certain micro as well as macro factors that will affect it and thus changes are necessary. Saying that, coming up with the right initial idea is equally important because every building needs a strong base to reach potential heights. To be wise is to be open to new insights and improvements towards your business.

  • Building the right team

In your journey towards actualizing your business idea, you will need people. We rarely hear about a start-up, which was found by a sole person. You need a dependable, knowledgeable and sufficiently motivated team in order to complete various tasks, which will in turn lead you down the road to success. Building the right team can be difficult and will require a lot of time but in the longer run, it is well worth the investment.

  • Consistency is the key

Remember that businesses take considerable time to mature. Being an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to be short sighted. Considering the long-term goals and benefits is important in order to progress. You will undoubtedly face a number of hindrances and blocks during your journey, which might test you to the limit. Just be consistent in your efforts and if those are made in the right direction, success will eventually be at your doorstep.

  • Reaching out to your audience

A number of business start-ups fail to succeed because they never reach out to the concerned people. With the rise in social media platform and the internet as a whole, it has become relatively easier to reach out to masses. Digital marketing could be a great asset in the current world scenario. You will have difficulty identifying channels and mediums in the beginning to promote your business. For that reason, your initial audience can be your friends and family. In most cases, your inner circle helps a lot during your business’s initial phase especially when your funds are limited. Do not be hesitant in asking for their help when needed and from there on, you can expand your visibility.

  • Managing your expenses

One of the most crucial aspects with any start-up is managing your expenses. Majority start-ups will not start generating revenue for a considerable amount of time. Cash flows related difficulties should be expected and contingencies need to be prepared accordingly. You need to factor in all the costs which your business incurs including technology, equipment, human resource etc. Once you have a proper financial plan laid out, it will help you manage your funds in a much efficient manner.

  • Investing in the right equipment

An important factor which people often neglect in new business environments is investing in the proper equipment. Immediately, saving cost on equipment per say, might seem like a good idea but in the longer run, when the workflow increases, that money saved might end up costing you more. The same goes when it comes to your internet connectivity. With the advent of digital marketing and the associated mediums, it is important that you always stay connected with the internet and your audience. So make sure you have something reliable like att internet to support your cause.

  • Targeting the right niche

You need to know who your customer is or will be. If you come up with a product or an offering which might be well catered to a specific niche, it is extremely important that your presence reaches that niche. If for some reason you are unable to do so, then you might need to change your marketing strategy or put in more efforts towards it. A well-made offering bears no fruit if it fails to reach the right audience. You can even look into regional trends and see if your audience is confined to specific geographic locations. They can then be targeted accordingly.

  • Developing your business model

A flawed business plan or an improper business model if not developed, is destined to fail in the longer run. Remember that your business model will be the core of your start-up. This covers everything, from the very basics such as your business idea, all the way to the nitty gritty details such as the equipment you will be using. Understand that your plan needs to be flexible enough to withstand any contingencies as mentioned before. You also need to forecast the various changes that might occur; for better or for worse in the macro environment and makes plans accordingly.

  • Protecting your intellectual property

With the world becoming a global village, there is a high probability that as your grow, more people are going to know about you. An important factor, which you need to consider, is that of intellectual theft. If you have a specific product or offerings which is exclusive to your company, its best that you register it as an official trademark. The same goes for your company name. Its best that you get it registered initially to avoid any one else stealing your name, which might affect your visibility as well as reputation considerably.

  • Considering the macro factors

As we highlighted before, you need to consider the macro factors in your business model. A good practice is to consider entering those markets, which haven’t been saturated yet. This gives you a good enough opening to cater to unmet needs and wants. In addition, you need to take into account the various laws and regulations which your authorities have put in place. These could act as hindrances as well as opportunities. All you need to do is to be considerate of these factors to turn them into a blessing.

Considering and evaluating all these aspects would definitely help you through your journey. Risk is always there but what matters is how you prepare for it and how you counter any given situation in your favour or alter it in a way that it doesn’t hurt you. Keep believing in your goal and with the right effort and consistency, it will surely be realized.