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2019 Camera Phone Shoot Out|Smartphones With The Best Camera


I just scored myself a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and I have to say, it’s the best phone I have ever owned. The screen is amazing, the battery life is incredible and best of all; the camera is utterly insane. After playing around with my new toy, my mind wandered to a cold day back in 2003. On this day back in ’03 my best friend’s dad bought him a Nokia 7250i.

My friend strutted about first period English class, trying as hard as he could to contain his glee. Before the teacher had arrived to begin the lesson, he had seized to chance to smugly ask each member of the class:

“has your phone got a color screen?” 

“no” was the unanimous answer, no one had ever seen a color screen on a mobile device before.

He wagged his punchable face in front of me and asked slowly;

“what about a camera buddy? Does your phone have a CAMERA?”

Of course, I didn’t; it was so new that none of us had the chance to catch up.

I often think about this day with a mix of shame and amusement, shame because I remember being so jealous of my friend and amusement because, to this day, not much has changed. We are still obsessed with the idea of camera in our mobile phones and phone makers are happy to oblige us. 

The cameras in today’s smartphones are so unreal, so amazing that it can be hard to pick one. Before you feel phone envy at your friend’s shiny new camera phone, let’s have a look at the three best phones (with cameras) money can buy. 

Welcome, to the 2019 camera phone shoot out.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

If you know and love Apple’s iOS ecosystem, the Pro Max is the best phone to buy hands down. On the beautiful glass back are three lenses that combine into a camera system from the future. The three lenses work together to cover a huge focal range, allowing you to take landscapes, portraits, and ultra-wide shots all in the palm of your hand. The 11 Pro max shoots 4k at 60fps with extended dynamic range, giving your professional power in your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy s10 plus

It’s hard for me not to bias towards this lovely phone, but it’s no exaggeration when I say the Galaxy s10 is a top contender for best camera phone. If you don’t believe me, check out any Samsung Galaxy s10 Plus review on the web and see the huge amount of praise this phone is receiving from critics.

The s10 plus uses a similar camera system as the iPhone 11 Pro, with a wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lens. What I love most about this phone is its mammoth battery life; with light use, I can easily see two days out of it. More charge time equals more shooting time.

Google Pixel 4

Google’s brazen entry into the smartphone market has made other makers nervous. The ‘pixel’ line of smartphones has steadily improved and evolved into one of, if not the best camera phone on the market today. The pixel 4 is no exception and has the best camera that I have ha the pleasure of using. The dedicated night mode is like having night vision, and the rear dual-camera system is capable of truly stunning images.

It is becoming harder to feel jealousy over someone’s smartphone, especially when a new model is released seemingly every other week. If you are after phone capable of professional quality imaging, Google’s Pixel 4 or Samsung’s s10+ cannot be beaten. If you are an Apple user, the 11 pro max is a no brainer, its so good that it might tempt some android users to make the switch. Whichever you choose, you will be guaranteed an amazing camera and user experience.