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4 Ways A Website Audit Will Benefit Your Business


Website audits are detailed assessments of every element associated with a specific website. The goal is to identify which elements are performing efficiently and what needs to change in order to make the site more effective. Even the best sites need to be audited on a regular basis. Choosing to have an expert conduct a full audit could lead to some attractive advantages. Here are a few examples.

Increasing Usability

You can have a website with some of the most attractive pages in the world. That does little is those who find the site are unable to navigate it with ease or have trouble finding the information they want. While you always want the pages to be great to look at, they must also speak directly to the needs of each reader. Those needs include fast loading, easy navigation from one page to the next, and the ability to find what they want in seconds.

It’s not unusual for website audits to reveal that at least a few elements are slowing down page loads or getting in the way of moving through the pages with ease. At times, slight tweaking is all that’s needed to correct the problem. There may also be the need to redesign the site so it’s user friendly on all the devices people use to browse the Internet. Remember that many people rely on their phones to access and look up information today. If your pages load too slowly, the reader will just go to a different site that causes less frustration.

Balancing Elements

It’s easy to go overboard on some elements while neglecting others. An audit may reveal you are relying too much on animation or images while neglecting the need to provide useful information. While the pages are pretty, they lack substance. If the audit reveals the balance between all three of these elements is not present, the recommendation will likely be to cut back on images and animation, and provide more text that visitors will find useful.

Tightening and Updating Content

The fact that you have plenty of content on your pages does not mean it’s providing what your readers need. There’s also a chance the the older content is no longer receiving much attention from the major search engines. Algorithms change, and that affects the impact of copy. What worked fine a few years ago is not unpopular with today’s search engine protocols.

An expert can help you understand what has changed with search engine optimization and help you update your content. Doing so makes it more relevant for today’s audience and helps improve your site’s reputation. Check out this basic SEO FAQ for some examples of how updating older content makes a difference.

Improved Keyword Usage

Did you know that Google makes approximately 500 algorithm changes during the course of any given calendar year? That doesn’t include the major overhauls that you hear about now and then. In many cases, those changes impact how you use keywords in your website text. Go against the current changes and your pages will sink to the bottom of search engine results.

With an audit, you can make sure your use of keywords and keyword phrases is likely to generate favor with Google instead. In many cases, it’s just a matter of making sure those words are used in context, are relevant to the subject matter on the page, and are not utilized too often.

When was the last time an expert audited your website? If you are having trouble remembering, now is the time to schedule a full audit. You may be surprised at what the professional finds, and how making a few changes will attract more people to your site.