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7 Advantages of Using Social Media for Recruitment


The competition for talent acquisition has never been more intense than ever. A lot of businesses and recruitment agencies use various methods to acquire top talent and invaluable human resources, and one of those is the utilization of social media platforms. You can never continuously browse through your social media pages without having to bump into a job ad. However, if you are a business owner or an HR manager wanting to discover employable people, here are the advantages of relying on social media for the recruitment process. 

Increased Job Ad Visibility

If you look at old methods of talent selection and recruitment, newspaper, radio, and television ads don’t seem to work efficiently when compared to a Facebook job post. Every person on Earth undeniably uses social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. With this in mind, you can have people from various demographics, age-range, and culture wherein you can choose the highest caliber of talent that suits your organization the best. 

Greater Quality Of Hiring Pool

Not only do you have a large number of candidates when you utilize social media as a recruitment tool, but you also have the more exceptional quality of talents to choose from. In this modern world, one’s ability to navigate and effectively use technology indicates computer skills that most companies require. In a statistical report, employees hired through social media are more productive and more likely to last than those employed through a traditional medium. 

Better Social Media Impact And Brand Awareness

Recruitment through social media avenues like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook does not only solve your human resource problems. It also brings a significant amount of visibility to your page and brand. When your company has a significant online presence, people tend to gravitate towards your organization because of perceived reliability. This alone would make you look like a reputable company. With this in mind, it is crucial to build your identity and impact online, not only to attract customers but to engage with high-quality workers that would look at your organization as a prestigious place to work. 

Reduced Cost Of Recruitment

Bringing people into your company is a financially-draining endeavor. You’ll have to pay for ads such as TV coverage, radio announcements, and another medium so that you can obtain a new employee. Aside from that, you’ll have to use financial resources for training, onboarding, labor regulations, and more. It only fits that if you’ll have to spend on a new addition to your team, he is the cream of the crop. 

Social media recruiting lets you post a job ad with a simple click and go. Aside from this, your reach can go beyond paid advertisements on traditional methods. With such a minimum investment, you’ll reap amazing benefits. 

Boosted Site Or Page Engagement

Making your brand visible and growing your following online takes time. Other companies use free social media aggregator tools for this task, which aggregate relevant content into a single feed that can be reposted and managed as needed.

Posting a job ad will increase your chances of engagement as people who have seen the ad will comment, share your post, or tag friends and family who might be interested and are looking for a job. All of these actions keep your website or social media page active. 

Initial Screening Of Candidates

There is an unwritten rule in recruitment that when an employee hands in a resume, his social media profile will likely be looked at. We all know how social media platforms become an avenue of self-expression. Thus, it becomes an extension of ourselves. This makes the selection very valuable to the company. In a glimpse, an HR manager can see what values does the candidate upholds and evaluates, whether it fits the company appropriately. 

Shorter Recruitment Process

When a company places an ad on the radio, television, or newspaper, it usually takes weeks up to months when applications are received. However, this is not the case for social media recruitment. Posting a job ad on Facebook makes people respond to your needs immediately, your reach widens, and engagement quicker. 

Although life on social media is pretty much an open book, without a candidate’s consent, don’t view them intently. There are also cases wherein a human’s persona is different in person than in social media. So, you’ll have to evaluate your company’s needs and assess the candidates’ skills to see which suits best and move forward from there.