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A Comprehensive Guide to Casino Promo Codes [Updated 2021]


Ever since COVID-19 disrupted the entire land-based gambling industry, everyone is shifting their focus towards getting on top of the online gambling world. With online casinos mushrooming everywhere, the only way for a particular platform to create an edge and stay in A-game is by offering promo codes that keep the gamblers hooked to their platform. 

While there are many amazing promo codes providers, such as Ladbrokes Casino promo code, it is essential to know everything about promo codes and how you can use one for your benefit. So, let’s begin!

Top 5 types of Promo Codes

Given below are the 5 types of promo codes types that are commonly offered by different online casinos to attract more users or build more engagement on their platform.

Sign up or Welcome promo code

One of the most famous promo codes allows for enticing new users to bring them towards a specific platform and trigger them to make their first deposit. The promo code can be used at that time to avail of the special bonus promised. Just make sure that you meet all the eligibility criteria to avail the bonus without any hassle. 

Free play or No Deposit promo code

With the intent of getting new users, this is another highly regarded promo code offer. Different online casinos proffer these promo codes so that more and more users test their platforms and stick with them. In this case, account setting is important without any deposit funds, and promo codes can be used to access the games. Sometimes, users receive free spins or chips or even some cash. However, keep an eye on their wagering requirements to prevent getting into any trap. 

Promo codes as per a specific game

Used extensively for table games such as slot games etc., these promo codes are usually tied to one particular game. This means that the player has to play that game to be eligible for that reward. However, one needs to be very careful in this as sometimes, the games attached to these rewards are either quite boring or completely new. Thus, it is essential to wait for promo codes for your favorite games to get more benefits.

Reload promo codes

A BIG shoutout to all the recurring casino customers out there! Reload promo codes are for all of you to keep your enthusiasm and adrenaline rushing. Although these rewards do not offer high returns, they are super amazing to give all the loyal customers a boost to stick to the portal for a long time. Moreover, these promo codes usually come with other VIP packages and unlock many exciting features in no time. In short, they are the fancy tokens of love rewarded by a particular casino site to embrace the user’s trust in their platform.

Deposit Match Bonus

It is the type of bonus in which if a user deposits a certain amount in his account, he will get a bonus amount of deposit from the online casino portal. To explain it with an example, in case you sign up for a casino with an amount of £50 and the portal provides 50% promo code, as soon as you deposit, your account will show a balance of £75 in which £25 are added by the casino website as a deposit match bonus reward for you. Do check all the requirements thoroughly before making the deposit.

Tips to use these promo codes safely

Some tips are shared below to ensure maximum safety of your money:

Choose a reliable Casino site

Conduct your casino related research beforehand; do not go for any shady casino at all.

Read all terms and conditions

Don’t just keep your eyes on the reward; go through each and every term to not make any decisions in haste.

Check time validity of that reward

Mind you, each promo code comes with a limited-time offer! Thus, you should always keep that deadline in time.

Some Last Words

With this, we have fully covered all the details regarding the different types of promo codes available and how they are used in attracting new users to different online gambling portals. It is your responsibility to always stay alert and read through all the terms and conditions before opting for the best site to deposit your hard-earned money. Don’t lose them in lieu of some random site promising to reward you after signup but not fulfilling it later.