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Amazing Motorbike Accessories To Improve Your Ride


So you’re really enjoying your motorcycle and you got the right boots, touring jacket, and gloves to make your ride really comfortable. Whether on the road or off-road, you’re got all the basics. What about some of the extras?


If you have a passenger riding behind you or friends that you’re touring with, then you might love having a Bluetooth communication system from Sena. This company is the frontrunner when it comes to quality ATV, motocross, and touring communication. Their products are also budget-friendly and reliable.

This set lets you talk with your companions in any scenario, and you can count on it to last for thousands of miles. It’s good at taking all the day-to-day abuse you can dish out, and it’s resistant to dust and sand. You can charge the unit while you use it, the speakers are excellent, and the microphone can be either wired or boom style.

It’s simple and easy to connect with others and the connections remain secure. You get about 12 hours of talk time and 10 days of standby with the included batteries.

Visor insert

Are you tired of having to stop and switch out your visor in different weather conditions? The yellow is great for fog, but it’s not great when the sun shines brightly. And once the sun goes down, you need something to cut down on the glare from road lights.

Enter the visor insert: this cool invention can be secured to the inside of your visor and it uses sci-fi liquid-crystal tech to change things up however you like at the touch of a button. It works off electricity and not UV light, so it doesn’t change when it thinks you need a change — it changes when you want it to.

Adjust the shading to make your eyes comfortable whenever you like. The battery works for all-day riding and the wide border of the insert means that you’ll have shaded protection even in your peripheral vision.

Compatibility applications

Designers are coming out with new types of touchscreen gloves every week. There are some awesome ones to choose from, but what if you already have a favorite pair of riding gloves and they won’t work with your touchscreen phone?

Yesterday, you would have had to choose between your gloves and easy access to your phone. Today, all you need are conductors. Ultra-thin conductors apply to your existing gloves. Once they are on, you can use any gloves like they are touchscreen compatible. There are several types of these available, so it’s a matter of choosing the one you like.

The best part is that these attachments are reusable and generally very durable. You can change gloves with them fairly regularly and expect them to keep working just fine. All the user reviews indicate that they work well and last a long time.

Media button

Do you love to listen to media on your phone, but don’t want to have to take it out or mess with it? Get the Setechi Media Button, pair it to your phone, and you’re good to go. This amazing little device can be mounted anywhere that’s convenient for you.

Once you mount it, link it to your phone or other media device and then use it to control the device with your thumb without having to stop your ride. The controller lets you adjust the volume, pause, play, or skip tracks as you like.

The battery lasts about two years and can be mounted to the handlebars of nearly any motorbike. The double sided adhesive is durable, so you are unlikely to lose your device off-road or going over bumps.

One of the cool things about riding a motorbike is the freedom to kit it out in whatever way pleases you. This is just a sampling of what’s out there for those who want to personalize their ride.