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Best 21 Einthusan Alternatives To Streaming Free Movies [2023]


EINTHUSAN is a popular streaming platform that offers users a wide range of movies, shows, and music videos from India. The service was launched in 2009 and has become one of the most widely used streaming services internationally.

It provides viewers with content in various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali and more. The service is available on multiple platforms such as Android and iOS apps.

It also allows for downloading content offline for later viewing. Moreover it offers customers discounts when subscribing for its premium membership plans. With its vast library of Indian cinema classics and contemporary hits to choose from, it’s no surprise that EINTHUSAN remains one of the top streaming services today.

Current Status of EINTHUSAN in 2023

Since its launch 14 years ago, EINTHUSAN continues to provide high-quality content to millions of subscribers around the world who are interested in Indian-made films across various genres.

It now houses over 600 titles ranging from hit Bollywood blockbusters to indie Tamil thrillers to classic Marathi dramas – all accessible through its website or mobile app.

In addition to their library of movies and TV shows offered through their subscription model, they offer exclusive access to special events hosted by some of India’s leading filmmakers as well as behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming projects from some of Bollywood’s biggest stars.

Though still operating under a paid subscription model which limits access after cancellation or expiration until renewal, customers can enjoy 7 day free trial period with full access while testing out the product before committing fully if they wish so.

Top 21 Alternatives Like EINTHUSAN In 2023



Los Movies is an online streaming service offering a large selection of movies and TV shows in HD quality with minimal ads or popups interrupting your viewing experience.

Alongside hosting foreign language films including South Asian offerings such as Hindi Movies & Pakistani Dramas – they also have an extensive catalogue spanning Hollywood titles too making them an ideal alternative for EINTHUSAN subscribers.

Furthermore they provide subtitles in various languages like English, Spanish and French making it a great multi-lingual streaming destination.



MX Player is one of the most popular streaming services that offers not only Indian films but also international content. It has over 150 million active monthly users and more than 10 million downloads for its mobile app alone. Unlike Einthusan, MXPlayer offers both free and premium versions with their own unique features.

For instance, the Premium version allows you to download movies or shows for offline viewing as well as access to exclusive content such as music videos, concerts and web series that are not available on other platforms. The free version also provides an extensive collection of films from around the world with less ads interrupting your viewing time compared to other websites.



Amazon Prime Video is another major streaming service offering a variety of content in different languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and many more making it a good alternative to Einthusan.

With Amazon Prime’s subscription plan you can watch unlimited TV shows & Movies in HD quality along with having access to various genres ranging from Action & Adventure all the way up to Comedy & Drama.

Users can also enjoy exclusive Amazon Originals that are only available on this platform giving them something new every month while enjoying their favourite classic films or latest releases simultaneously.



Onion Play is another great option if you’re looking for alternatives similar to Einthusan mainly due its extensive library containing thousands of titles varying from independent movie projects to blockbusters released by major production houses.

The selection includes both Bollywood films as well as South Indian ones plus Hollywood too! You can even stream anime series which makes OnionPlay highly versatile when it comes to satisfying viewers across different domains worldwide for free without any sign up required!



Solar Movies provides users with an impressive database comprising over 40 thousand movies and TV shows covering almost every genre imaginable under the sun – quite literally!

You’ll find some of the biggest names in Bollywood alongside lesser known indie productions produced outside India; hence it serves both veterans who appreciate nostalgia triggers through classics plus newbies looking to explore the world of entertainment.

SolarMovies is also easy to use with a simple interface, making it a great alternative for Einthusan customers.



Couch Tuner is another popular streaming service offering free access to thousands of movies and TV shows from multiple genres around the world such as Drama, Action and Comedy in addition to Indian films.

Unlike some other similar websites, Couchtuner does not require registration or subscription fees which makes it an attractive option for people who don’t have time or money to invest in premium services like Einthusan.

The website also receives regular updates of content so you’ll always find something new when revisiting it at any given time.



Hungama is one of India’s leading entertainment portals that has been around since 1999 providing users with access to movies, music and more.

It provides viewers with both paid and free streaming options for South Asian cinema as well as international titles including Bollywood blockbusters and Hollywood classics – thus giving them the best of both worlds!

Hungama also offers its users exclusive content produced by their team enabling them keep up with the latest trends in entertainment if they want too.



Put Locker is a go-to destination for movie lovers across the globe because it provides an extensive selection of flicks spanning various genres with countless titles available in multiple languages including Hindi, Tamil & Telugu among many others.

It has everything from classic cult favourites released decades ago right up till recently released hits ensuring there are no gaps within your viewing schedule due to unavailable content – all offered completely free without signup required! Putlocker offers full HD resolution on all streams too meaning quality isn’t compromised either; what else could you ask for?



Hura Watch is a renowned streaming platform that has become increasingly popular over recent years due its massive library hosting hundreds of thousands film titles & series ranging from oldies straight outta Bollywood’s golden age through to contemporary gems from all corners of India – this place isn’t short on variety!


You can browse their vast selection either alphabetically or by clicking “Latest Movies” creating an organized barrage of options ideal for those who don’t have too much time to search yet still want to enjoy quality entertainment – making it a great substitute for Einthusan.

10. VOOT:


Voot is the perfect streaming service for someone seeking alternatives like Einthusan because it offers viewers ad-free access to thousands of movies & TV shows from India in multiple languages such as Hindi, English and several more!

With their premium plan you can gain access to exclusive content including web series and documentaries that are not available anywhere else plus catch up on missed episodes so you never have to worry about missing out due life’s commitments. All this along with an intuitive UI catering both desktop & mobile makes Voot an absolute must for true movie fans!



An integral part of Bollywood’s identity – ErosNow is one of the most popular streaming platforms around offering over 11 million users countless films, music videos & TV shows from prominent production houses such as Dharma Productions, Yash Raj Films plus many more boasting award winning titles ranging decades back right till recent releases featuring today’s stars.

You can get full access by signing up or alternatively just opt into their free membership allowing you watch limited content until you upgrade when ready – making it a great choice similar to Einthusan.

12. VUMOO:


Vumoo will quickly become your go-to destination if your after something alternative to Einthusan because they provide viewers with a huge selection of movies spanning across various genres from all corners of India in the comfort of their own home under HD resolution with no need for additional software installation or registration required – simply type in what you’re looking for & hit play!

Plus unlike other websites there’s no waiting time between clicks meaning smooth experience without any annoying ads interrupting your viewing pleasure; what more could one possibly ask for?



TodayPk gives its users an extensive catalogue comprising classic Bollywood classics through modern day hits produced in Tamil and Telugu too. The website also receives regular updates introducing new titles keeping things fresh & exciting giving subscribers plenty choices when deciding which film they wish to watch next – helping them escape boredom effectively!

Furthermore accessing the website is extremely easy with no signup required and minimal ads driving up your viewing experience – making it a great alternative to Einthusan.



Yes Movies is a streaming service similar to Einthusan offering viewers hassle-free access to thousands of titles in multiple languages such as Hindi, Tamil & Telugu without registration or subscription fees required.

It also has an impressive library hosting both international films including Hollywood blockbusters plus domestic classics from last decade till today’s top hits so you can find whatever kind of entertainment you’re looking for whether that be family friendly flicks or action packed thrillers!



YoMovies is not only free but also provides viewers with high quality content via their intuitive interface allowing them browse through different genres with ease.

Their selection incorporates some of Bollywood’s iconic films plus independent projects too with new additions being uploaded regularly so there’s never a shortage of selections when choosing what movie to watch next! Furthermore they offer streaming resolutions ranging from 1080p all the way down to low res – making it ideal for those who have limited internet bandwidth whilst still wanting the best possible viewing experience – thus making it the perfect Einthusan substitute.



BigFlix is yet another great site providing subscribers an extensive catalogue comprising classic & contemporary Indian cinema plus international titles too along with enabling users gain full access by subscribing on monthly basis after experiencing 7 days’ trial period during which they can test out the service before committing fully if they wish so – giving them the best of both worlds!

The website also includes various features like creating custom playlists & sharing clips across social media platforms – simply put this one has everything you’d need in a streaming service making it a great alternative to Einthusan.

17. AFDAH:


Afdah is one of many online services aiming at becoming the go-to destination for users seeking alternatives like Einthusan due its vast database filled with thousands upon thousands of movies spanning various genre from Bollywood big names straight through independent productions made outside India.

Plus all films are accessible within 1 single click, no subscription fee required & minimum ads interrupting your viewing pleasure; what else could possibly want?



HindiLines4u is another great choice if you’re looking for something similar to Einthusan because they offer viewers free, ad-free access to an extensive library of movies & TV shows from India as well as other countries.

They have a user friendly interface making it easy to browse through different genres or search for a particular title enabling subscribers to quickly locate what they desire without having too much time on their hands – plus each stream is offered in HD quality so everyone can enjoy crystal clear visuals!



Netflix is the biggest streaming service globally and thus offers customers unparalleled selection spanning all corners of the world – including India! Subscribers can gain access to uncut versions of Indian films released by major production houses plus independent projects made outside Bollywood straight up till recently released titles giving them plenty options when deciding which movie they want watch.

Plus with its intuitive UI : both desktop and mobile versions are catered for meaning no matter where you’re located you’ll be able to access your favourite entertainment peacefully at any given time – making it ideal alternative for Einthusan customers.


What type of content does EINTHUSAN offer?
EINTHUSAN offers users a wide range of movies, shows, and music videos from India in various languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali and more.

Is there a free trial period?
Yes! Customers can enjoy 7 days free trial period with full access while testing out the product before committing fully if they wish so.

Are there any discounts available?
Yes! Customers get discounts when subscribing for their premium membership plans.


EINTHUSAN is one of the most popular streaming services that provides viewers with high quality entertainment across multiple devices ranging from smartphones through laptops alike – but this isn’t always enough especially when wanting something fresh or different every once in awhile.

Fortunately there are alternatives like those mentioned above who offer almost identical features but with slight differences such as exclusive content, cheaper plans & much more!

So if you want to try something different or simply just want to explore what other options are out there don’t forget to check out the list of 21 EINTHUSAN alternatives in 2023 that’s been provided above.