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Features Of International Online Casino With Live Dealer


Over their time of existence, online casinos have seen numerous additions to adapt to the changing needs of players to make the industry what it is today. One of the recent additions to this platform is live casino gaming. Live dealer games are described as a hybrid version of online gaming destinations that provides a real-life gaming experience on the wide web.

Since the introduction of online casinos, the platform has been especially praised for its convenience that allows players to access games whenever and wherever. However, the use of computer generated programs to run the games and Random Number Generators to provide results, most players feel like the reality of the sets has been stripped away. Therefore, live dealer games were introduced to bridge the gap between online and brick and mortar casinos. That way, players can enjoy the same convenience of online gaming but with the authenticity of a real-life experience.

Live games are broadcasted from land-based casino studios that are arranged to appear like a real-life casino. Human dealers conduct the games on real tables and use actual cards and chips as seen in numerous global live casino reviews. Such a setting gives players the feeling of being in a brick and mortar establishment but from the comfort of their location.

Live casinos can run seamlessly thanks to the use of various elements. Online gaming software developers have a unique touch to their productions, but there are a few of them that are spotted in nearly all of them, some of which are touched on below:

  • Table

Live casinos are mostly used to stream table games since they demand a social setting of a dealer and a couple of players at the table. A table is a paramount part of these games, which means that it is included in all games with the dealer. The setting of this item will change from one game to the next to fit within the rules of play. In the live stream, the player will be able to view the real table, and a virtual table may be included where they can place their stakes before the dealer or croupier mimics them on the actual thing.

  • Dealer

Dealers are put in place to make the brick and mortar gaming experiences as authentic as possible. They are responsible for conducting gameplay and ensuring that all the set rules are followed. Most of the dealers that are spotted in live casinos have had to undergo thorough training to ensure that they know the rules of play and what is expected of players. They are trained to trace the actions of each player with a keen eye, and in turn, a smart card device in most casinos traces their actions.

Even with human dealers being used to present the location-based experience, technological advancements have found a way to replace dealers in some of the sets. In games like blackjack, some game developers allow gamblers to replace the dealer with Shufflemaster. The device is known to deal cards faster and more accurate than human dealers. In roulette, an auto spin option has been introduced that uses a pressurized air system to spin the ball, and its main advantage is faster gameplay.

  • Cameras

Cameras are among the most crucial aspects of a live casino since they are used to capture the feed that is streamed to their devices. When the live gaming platform started out, big cameras had to be used to capture gameplay procedure. However, massive steps have been taken in that field to see the introduction of smaller cameras that capture the event in more clarity. Small camera sizes let players zoom even deeper into gameplay without interfering with how it is conducted. In roulette, most game developers have these devices placed inside the wheel so that players can see every move of the ball and the wheel.

Most gaming providers have a minimum of three cameras in place. One focuses on the dealer, the other on the table, and the other to provide a picture-to-picture display. Another camera is included in roulette for the wheel.

  • Monitor

The monitor is put in place for the dealer to see what is on players’ screens. That way, they can know how to best conduct the game. The monitor displays information that indicates the best time to take action and the kind of bets to call and close.

  • GCU

The GCU, known in full as the Game Control Unit, is the most important element of a live dealer casino. This device is attached to each table and is used to encode the feed that is broadcasted to players to fit the devices that they are using. The inclusion of this device is paramount if the live dealer game is to run.

  • Live Chat

Most gaming software developers include a live chat feature to allow players and dealers to engage in conversation. Most table sets are social games and players engage in small talk like in brick and mortar casinos, which is enabled online by live chat. Players can also use the feature to direct questions to the dealer or direct them on the best they want to place.

These are the basic elements that are found in live casinos. Some online game developers will include other elements to make the gameplay better for their players such as themed tables and VIP sections.