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Five Best Productivity Apps to Help You Excel     


We are all aware of the benefits and convenience factors of smartphones, but there are many other things that we may not be aware of. Like a planner, the smartphone in your hand can also be used as a business tool to increase your productivity. Here are some apps that can increase your productivity and make you excel in the journey of business life.



The Paytm mobile app is a great boon for all smartphone users, it is especially useful for all those busy business professionals who don’t have enough time to manage their home utility bill payments or stand in the long queues payment center to pay their mobile bills. The app serves as a great platform to pay your mobile phone bill, dth connection, internet data card simply by tapping a few buttons on your mobile phone. The best thing about using the app is that you can use the paytm coupons and apply the codes to get valuable discount and cash back on your bill payments.

Google Drive


Google Drive is primarily a data repository software application, which is also available as an app. This mobile app is an excellent solution for saving your important files on the cloud. In fact, with the Google Drive app, you can store notes, images, videos etc. Once you upload these files, images, videos on Google Drive, you can sync and access them from laptops, computers, and even smart phones.

There is a built-in scan feature in Google Drive that is very good to increase productivity. With this feature, you can scan pages in documents and extract the text. You can use the text for several search options.


This application is also very similar to Drive and it gives you 2GB of free cloud storage. When you compare Dropbox with Google and Microsoft, you will find that Dropbox offers lesser Cloud storage space. However, if you compare the features of Dropbox and the other Cloud storage software, you will surely find Dropbox a winner. With Dropbox, you can have shared folders that are synced with multiple devices and users. Another fantastic feature in Dropbox is the auto photo sync feature. When you take photos, you can automatically upload them to the Cloud. If you lose your smartphone, you can remotely wipe the data on your lost smartphone.


If you have been using Skype for your business calls on your laptop, you will surely find the app very handy. You cannot carry your laptop everywhere hence the Skype app on the smartphone is very helpful. You can stay connected with your loved ones all the time when you have the Skype app installed on your smartphone. When you compare Skype with the other communication apps like Hangouts, you may find that Skype may not be much user friendly. However, Skype is one app that you cannot ignore in this robust world.

Between users you can make free voice calls, but for regular phones, you will need a monthly subscription. If you don’t want to take a monthly subscription, you can opt for a per minute fee.

Google Calendar


This is a simple calendar with regular calendar features. With this app, you can manage your meetings and all personal appointments.