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How To Become A VIP Player On The Best Online Casino Sites?


Being a VIP is, in itself, a very tempting and coveted position. You often think to yourself how VIPs get all the best treatment, be it something like at clubs, when going out, all the way to receiving preferential treatment from huge corporations, as customers. The same applies to the world of online gambling and casinos, as VIPs enjoy a massive amount of privileges and benefits when they achieve that status.

Now, keep in mind that not all online casinos offer this, as some are perhaps too small or not profitable enough to ensure the types of rewards we’ll be discussing here. As a good guideline, you might wish to use casino sites reviews you know you can trust, to make sure that your investment of time and money does not end up being wasted and you can receive that coveted title.

Being a VIP

The Benefits

First of all, let’s discuss the many perks of becoming a VIP member of an online casino. You’d be surprised at just how much some of the best casinos of the internet can provide you with. In general, we will discuss all the major upsides and try to focus on what might improve your experience or reward you for both cash and time investment.

The obvious rewards some casinos give are cash prizes. These can be one-time bonuses all the way to constant and very hefty additional payments. Of course, there are possibilities like being given access to exclusive bonuses and casino events that allow for a fairly high chance of amazing payouts.

Another, even more, significant slew of upsides is a general improvement in the quality of your experience. Most casinos offer a personal account manager to see to all of your needs, which makes things significantly easier. Not only that, but they also prioritize your withdrawals, making it easier to earn money quickly. On top of that, some of them offer no deposit fees and lower fees for entering some of the top-ranked, most profitable events, when you’re a VIP.

Finally, there’s even a possibility of receiving rewards like electronics and gadgets of all kinds. Even top of the line, newest Samsung or Apple products are not out of the question. Some casinos have special events for their VIPs, where you get to be luxuriously pampered and flown in to truly experience the high life, as befitting your status as a VIP.

Achieving VIP status

It’s difficult to standardize instructions for how to become a VIP in online casinos, as some of them clearly state how to do so and others tend to hide it, in order to encourage people to do their best to achieve that goal. However, there is a way to give general, good advice that will surely make you one of the VIPs of your chosen site in no time:

1. Reliable Money

Online casinos are in it to make money. At the end of the day, no true VIP can be called such if they cannot be relied on to make that money for them. You don’t necessarily need to dump thousands and thousands into the game to achieve this, either, you just need to do your best to be good at it.

Simply put, VIPs are often either big spenders or players skilled enough to participate in high stakes tournaments and win, making sure other players keep paying more to play. As a general note, you do need to settle any debts regularly and within a day of incurring them, to make sure they do not ruin your chances.

2. Regular Players Only

No online casino is immune to a bad turn of things, same as any physical one. Reliable, repeat customers are the thing that can help them through even the hardest of times. That’s why a big component of becoming a VIP is playing every day. Logging in and playing for a while every day, for weeks if not months on end is often times a secret requirement of many casinos.

It varies, depending on how much you play for and what sort of games you play, but generally speaking, no one can get that special invite instantly.

3. Proper Engagement

This step is all about combining the first two steps. Believe it or not, casinos don’t really count a day where you just log in and play one round of poker or play the slots once. Those days basically reset your counter.

What you need is to always play for a good amount of time, for good stakes, each of the days you log on. It’s the ultimate challenge for becoming a VIP, the sheer time sink required, not to mention possible monetary losses.


It’s definitely no small feat, becoming a VIP on some of the best online casinos. It requires a lot of dedication and willingness to hang in there, through thick and thin. However, once you accomplish your goal, you’ll see it was more than worth it.