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How To Find The Perfect Influencer For Your Brand


If your business needs a little push, then you might need a different kind of marketing. KOLs can be the sort of driving force you need backing your brand and introducing it to a wider audience. This article will discuss KOLs and how you can find the perfect one to push your brand in new directions.

What is a KOL?

You likely have seen KOLs and not even realized it. Any time you see a celebrity or expert promote something that they are an authority on, then you’re seeing a KOL at work. KOL is short for key opinion leader. They’re usually experts or have a lot of knowledge about a certain topic. They also have a large following that tunes into what they have to say on that topic.

This is different from what is known as an influencer. Influencers can also be celebrities, but they aren’t necessarily experts in their field. They just have a large audience or following that listens to them. Both can be effective in marketing. By using their large followings, you can spread your brand to new audiences. Those who may not have heard of your company before can be introduced to you through the KOL or influencer.

This can bring in a new customer base. More customers mean more profit. Clearly, having KOL marketing or an influencer pushing your brand can be lucrative. How do you find the one that’s perfect for your company? Consider some of these tips.

1. Find an influencer in your field

When going through a list of influencers, you should try to gear towards those who post a lot of content that has to do with your business in some way. Followers of those influencers are more likely to check out your business if they’re already following them for solutions to their problems. It also seems more genuine. Followers may not be as open to pursuing the exploration of your business if they feel that the influencer is inauthentically recommending you to them. No one likes to feel as though they’re being sold something. They prefer instead to feel as though it was their own decision to check you out.

2. Check Follower Count

Another important factor to research when searching for an influencer is to see how many followers they have. Obviously, the more followers that they have, the more people hear the message about your brand. However, follower count shouldn’t be the only thing that you look at. Almost anyone can have a large follower count, but not all of those people also have their followers actively tuning into what they have to say. If the influencer is on Youtube, for example, you should check to see how many views they average on their videos. If the count is high, then you can be assured that their followers are active and engaged with the influencer.

The same can extend to Instagram and Twitter. In terms of Instagram, you should check in the comments to see how active the followers are in conversation. On Twitter, you can also see how often the influencer’s posts were replied to or retweeted. An active following is essential for further spreading the word about your brand.

3. Authentic influencers

The delivery of your promotion is also essential. You should check out some of the influencer’s content to determine how they promote brands. Do they inform their audience of when they’re being sponsored? These are authentic influencers and are generally more trusted by their followers and audience to give realistic and honest opinions on the brand that they’re being sponsored by.

While you might not always like what they have to say about your brand, this authentic coverage can still earn you interest from the followers. On the one hand, you can use their honest opinion about your business to improve certain aspects. Then you can invite the influencer again. Perhaps their opinion will change. This benefits you because it shows the followers that you are willing to listen and change based on feedback from your customers.

Start Marketing

Influencers and KOLs can be effective marketing tools for furthering your brand. Follow these tips to find the perfect influencer for your brand.