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How To Launch a Graphic Design Business


Thanks to the power of the internet, making money from a cool graphic design business is possible. You can create amazing designs that you are passionate about and develop a great business model in the process. With that said, since there are so many different graphic design businesses out there, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s why it’s important to truly do your research and be prepared before starting a graphic design business. In order to learn about how to launch a graphic design business, read the ten points that you should definitely consider below. 

Pick a Niche 

If you want your graphic design business to be profitable, the first point of order is to make sure that the types of service you are interested in haven’t been covered before. While this might be difficult, it’s worth taking designs that you are broadly interested in and then finding an artistic angle that’s simply different. By picking this niche, you will be able to provide a service that people can’t find elsewhere. 

Establish a Great Portfolio 

There is no way that your business is going to get new gigs if you are unable to show them a portfolio displaying previous work achieved. This might be tricky when just starting a business, but you can always use any previous gigs, either from yourself or another team member, as a good example. Then once you have started working for other companies, be sure to add that work immediately into the portfolio.  

Build a Brilliant Website 

Great graphic design businesses need an eye-catchy, well-designed website in order to build future clients. After all, it is highly unlikely that anyone will want to work with you if your website has poor images or an uninteresting look, especially if you are a company that is supposed to make other websites and companies look good. Additionally, make sure that the overall design of the site matches the design of your company itself, so there is no strange dissonance between your own look and your other projects. 

SEO-Optimize Your Website  

There is no point in having a website if there is no one there to see it. That’s why it’s essential to have a great Search Engine Optimization strategy in order to succeed. Simply put, this means tweaking your website in such a way to make it land on the first results page when people search for a particular keyword on Google. This means that you need to make sure that your pages are written with the right keywords in mind, you create alt tags for all images used, and you have proper descriptions for your SEO titles and meta descriptions. Without this, it’s likely that your graphic design business will fail.

Don’t Undersell Yourself 

When you are starting out you can often get so exciting at the potential to get a new deal that you forget to actually price the work at what it is truly valued. Make sure that you don’t undersell your company by offering lower rates than you are actually worth. After all, by working more for less, you could actually end up tanking your whole business before it is even able to get off the ground. With that said, do make sure to: 

Focus on Reliable Clients

What would you rather: 1000 dollars for one day of work a month or one hundred dollars a day for 20 days a month? While it can be tempting to opt for the former, sometimes building slowly and steadily can be a better way to ensure a solid income. Make sure to build relationships with solid companies that you know you can rely on for a fixed amount of income each month instead of being too obsessed with landing the mega projects. 

Hire a Great Workspace

Graphic designers need a great workspace filled with creativity if they are ever going to come up with novel and exciting ideas. Think of the amazing offices at WeWork that made the business become valued so highly. That’s why you should put a lot of effort into the design of your office. This also has the added benefit of being able to impress potential clients when they walk through the front door of your office building. After all, they will be expecting a certain level of sophistication when dealing with a graphic design company. 

Get a Good Deal on Your Utility Bills

One of the many points that businesses forget to focus on when starting a business, especially if they are highly focused on launching their products right, is the simple points of running a business correctly, like getting good deals on their utilities. Graphic design businesses need to use a lot of energy, water, and the internet if they want to be a success. To learn more about getting a good deal on your utilities, it is highly recommended to check out the services of Utility Bidder

Hire the Right Co-Workers

When launching a business, it is absolutely imperative that you understand exactly the type of people that you want working with you. The worst idea that you can think of is hiring friends and family because this is almost always a disaster. Instead, make sure to hire a dedicated HR manager who puts the necessary protocols in place to make sure that you have a solid hiring process in order to find the right talent with the exact right tools and skillset to make your business a thriving success that everybody wants to work for. 

Form Strategic Partnerships

There is no point for your graphic design business to operate alone. In order to grow, you should reach out to other companies or similar services in order to form a strategic partnership. This come can in the form of a quid pro quo agreement or by taking on tasks the other cannot manage to succeed in. By working together, you will easily be able to create a situation that is mutually beneficial for both sides.