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Improve Dataflow With A Small Business Server


Modern businesses rely heavily on the implementation and use of data. Whether it is customer and accounts data, marketing data, or technical data for analysis, it is vital for most organisations that data access be granted to all relevant team members, that collaboration is made as simple as possible, and that data is not only stored centrally but also that it is backed up securely and regularly. With a small business server from Pinnacle Data, it is possible to enjoy all of these features and benefits, and more.

central server

Centralised Storage

A server is primarily used to store data and can be used to store applications, settings, and other vital information. Any computer or device that is connected to the network can then be used to access some or all of this data, and with the appropriate permissions, these devices can also be used to manipulate and update that data. Whereas individual computers that each store their own data act as individual units, a server can help bring cohesion and unity to an organisation and its individuals.

Network Access And Permissions

Servers offer more than centralised data storage. They enable multiple computers to share a single Internet connection, network printers, and even server-based software. They can be used as email servers, to host a website and extranet, and they can bring greater security to your business computing.

business server

Remote Access

Different users and different groups can be granted different levels of access, so that you don’t have to grant access to all data to every user. This permission based access can also be combined with the setting up of a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, so that remote workers and external workers can be given permission to access some or all of the network as well.

Data Backup And Retrieval

Using a file server means that data does not have to be stored locally on individual computers. Scripts can be set up so that information is transferred from each computer to the server on a regular basis, and it is possible to create a single backup of all data from the server, so that it can be stored off-site. Using a VPN connection, it is possible to back data up from the server to an off-site data facility on a regular basis, too, ensuring total security.

Other Server Benefits

There are many benefits to using a server. Files and data do not need to be stored on individual computers which means that even older computers will be able to run more efficiently and quickly. Because it is easier to store and access information from one central location, using a business server can also improve collaborative efforts within your organisation.