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Managing Your Money When You Are Losing On A Casino


When you enter a casino, you hope that your luck will align, and you will have a life changing amount of money – play with a bonus. This hope is rarely achieved but the chances of leaving the casino with more money than when you entered is possible. Yet, there are some instances where your luck will run out and if you are unlucky you will need to manage your money.

Stick to your budget

This step seems obvious and simple, but it really is not. Everyone goes to a casino thinking they will not spend more than they can, will stick to their budget and won’t go near an ATM. I have yet to find someone who has gone to a casino and stuck to their £100 budget. Casinos fill you with hope and possibilities, ‘Just one more game’, ‘I know I can win it this time’. This common mistake will be your downfall. The saying, ‘quit while you are ahead’ is very apt. As hard as it may seem, leaving when you have reached your goal or have run out of money is vital. Luck can change very quickly, and it is a quick fall into debt.

Asking a friend or worse a stranger for money is also a definite no. Making promises to someone that you cannot keep will end you in some awkward and possibly difficult situations. The chances are when you borrow money your will not thinking clearly wither so the chances of winning the money back are slim.

Avoid the martingale bet system.

If there is one religion gamers love, it is the martingale bet system. The idea behind it is that once you lose a wager you double your bet, doesn’t make any sense does it? Gamers hope to regain their loses but, this does not work, and you will find yourself in greater debts. I would narrowly avoid this system. 

Know what you are betting

You hear horror stories about gamers betting away their houses, their cars, their future. The truth is that this does happen, and it can happen to anyone. Know what you can afford to lose. I would not recommend betting anything of worth. Betting your house will never end well. Do not get caught up in the moment and lose sight of reality. 


Time seems to work differently in casinos. Before you know it six hours have passed, then ten, then twelve…. Keep an eye on the time. Food and sleep are necessities in life, they keep us alive and keep us thinking clearly. It is very easy to neglect our primary needs when we are in a casino. Take the time to rest and regain your energy. Also be cautious on drinking, casinos offer drinking deals. Drinking alcohol usually lowers our awareness and common sense. If you are on a losing streak, take a rest and put down your drink. 

My key advice would be that when you are losing, the best thing to do is to walk away. How can you lose more money when you stop playing?