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This Must Be Taken Into Account When Selecting A Betting Provider


Sport is a popular topic of conversation in every social class and every age. Everyone has a sport, which one pursues sometimes more and sometimes less actively. Someone who doesn’t like football might be interested in handball, basketball, Formula 1 or golf. For some, sports, where, for example, the round has to go into the square or the fastest racing driver is identified, is the most beautiful minor matter in the world. The most beautiful minor matter of sport is sports betting. In the meantime, the industry has firmly established itself on the German market, has a huge customer base and inspires with an almost infinite number of betting options as well as high chances of winning. As is well known, a large demand in our free market economy entails a large supply. No one is therefore surprised that numerous new betting providers have entered the market in recent years. Every bookmaker has different advantages and disadvantages, which are evaluated differently according to individual requirements. There are however some points, which are to be considered with the selection of a bet offerer in any case.

The business with luck

Sports betting is regulated by the Gambling Act. In 2011, sports betting on the Internet was legalised in Germany. Only since then have German sports fans been able to turn their knowledge into a little money without any worries via online platforms. Previously, participation in online sports betting was not legal because, for example, it was offered by unlicensed bookmakers or the profits were not taxed. Since legalisation, betting providers have been working on their image. Because in our society this is characterised by Hollywood films, in which the Mafia has said this, manipulation accusations against FIFA or the risk of gambling addiction. But the image is gradually improving. Since the betting providers have been fully and completely legal in their business activities, they have also been allowed to advertise publicly. Well-known people from public and sporting life advertise the bookmakers with their faces. This not only fascinates fans of a certain personality or team, but also gives credibility to betting providers.

The provider of trust

Since sports betting is about real money, it goes without saying that you do not create your user account with any provider. By comparison, you don’t open a bank account with the next best bank. You want to feel safe with the provider. The offer, the service and the achievements should convince and the enterprise should have an attractive appearance. If one goes on the search for a supplier in the Internet, endless Internet sides come as search result. The overwhelming offer at enterprises can quite unsettle the one or other searching. Which provider is the right one, which platform manages the sports that interest you or are there differences in the odds? There are some questions that should be checked before the election. If you want to speed up the search for a betting provider, a visit to the https://www.betting.org/ website will help. There you will find a list of all licensed providers and the most important information. In addition, there is a specially created search function on the site in which individual criteria can be entered. Then the list of the offerers is again sorted and one can take the best hits even under the magnifying glass.

The licence for gambling and sports betting

As mentioned above, sports betting is governed by the same code as gambling. The reason for this is that the definition of gambling is a game where the win and loss is in the future and is decided by chance. However, it should be mentioned that sports betting is a game where you can leave chance out of the game. On the basis of tables, statistics, forecasts as well as general news about the sport, exact predictions about a sporting event can be made. An example is the winner of the game Bayern Munich against Greuther Fürth. The information search is done quickly and the forecast of who will win the game is also more or less clear. This is a simple example, but can also be applied to more complex bets, such as the winner of the DFB Cup, before the start of the first round. But back to licenses. These come from countries like Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, England, Schleswig-Holstein and a handful more. In these countries gambling has been allowed for a long time and there are clear rules. This has advantages for the companies as well as for the customers.

The certificates for safety and quality

The license is therefore the first and most important feature for a trusted betting provider where you can create a user account and deposit money without worrying about being a victim of fraud. Another characteristic of a secure platform are the certificates. The more a website has of them, the more qualitative and secure it is. The badges are like a seal of quality, which is also awarded on other products, foods or services. On the German side, for example, the certificates come from TÜV or the German lottery company. A certificate confirms the security of the platform and the payment methods, the quality of the offer as well as other services provided by the provider, such as customer service or the average level of quotas.

Further quality features for a secure and good betting provider

If the selection process has reached this stage and you only have a handful of betting providers in front of you, all of whom have the necessary licenses and several certificates, further selection criteria are used. The certificates are usually published together with a detailed test in which the most important key data of the bookmaker are explained in detail. It is advisable to read the evaluations and test results of a provider on different Internet sites, including the reviews from s. Online casinos have often had the case that customer evaluations were forged. Therefore the information about a bet offerer on several sides should be reread and compared in detail.

On the basis of different evaluations and opinions of customers as well as the test results of several instances, an exact picture of a bet offerer can be made. Bonus payments and rewards are another decision factor. These range from 50 euros to 150 euros on the first deposit as well as further premiums after registration, for example free bets or special campaigns for long-term customers. It is also possible to create an account with several bookmakers. This gives you access to several betting options, different odds and you can receive bonuses from several platforms.