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Uses Of An Old Wifi Router


As the technology is changing day by day and you don’t know what to do with the old electronics. So, if you have any old WiFi router and you don’t have any idea that how this router can help you in different ways. Then this article will give you some tips and suggestion which can be used with the old WiFi router instead of wasting it.

You can use your old WiFi routers for so many purposes, some of them are mentioned below. But before re purposing our old router, you might want to get a new router.

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1. Guest Connection

We all have experienced that whenever our guests come in the home then the speed of the internet becomes very muddy or slow.So to overcome this we can set another connection of the internet from same connection but the other one will only be for our guests and for that we can use our old router. So this is how your new router will don’t have any kind of burden to distribute speed between so many clients, instead, it will give full bandwidth to your connected device only.

2. Wireless Repeater

As only WiFi router cannot have full coverage of your home if your home is very big. So, for that, you can use your old WiFi router as a repeater which will extend the Wi-Fi range and will ensure full access to signal so that everyone can easily use the internet. You can turn your WiFi router into repeater by following this guide.

3. Making Wireless Bridge

Another use of an old wireless router is you can use it as a wireless bridge. Wireless bridge means you can make another network from your current router by connecting both devices wirelessly. After that, you don’t need any long cable to connect your PC with new router all you have to do is just connect your PC to the old router. For example, if you want to set a new desktop then you will not need any long wire connection for internet all you have to do is just make your router bridge.

You can make your wireless bridge by using DD-WRT firmware. After that follow this guide.

4. Use your router as a Network Switch

As routers have usually 3 ports for connection, so if you have updated your router and had a spare old router as well you can simply use old router as a network switch. To establish this connection, just plug the old router wire in one of the Ethernet port of the new router and turn on DHCP.

5. Sell your old router

This is the last option that you can use.Many people use old devices for many purposes including mentioned above. So if you have nothing to do with your old router and just want to get rid of it then simply sell this router on eBay.


These are some of the uses of an old router. If you know any other then mention below in the comments we will appreciate your suggestion and will include that too in this article.