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Weapon Skins – How To Bet With Them


I would lie if I told you that over the past couple of years I didn’t hoard all those weapon crates and skins. I might just have over 100 dollars’ worth of skins and weapon crates. I got some by playing the game and getting random drops, others from transfers or transactions.

With so many skins, what can I do to get the most out of them? I could sell them for 0.01 cents or combine 10 to get a better skin. Or what about betting using skins? Well, apparently, I can also do that.

What Are these Skins?

In many games, especially Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you get weapon skins. These skins are like a form of make-up for your weapons. For example, you could turn your USP, which is silver and black into a blue one with different graphical details added to it.

Skins are just a visual thing; they don’t affect the weapon’s performance.

How Do I Get Them?

There are a couple of ways of getting them. One of them is by weapon crates, although this method will cost you some money. At the end of a match, random players will receive random drops, including a weapon crate. A weapon crate is a box full of skins for many weapons, and you can open this crate by purchasing a key.

That key will cost you a couple of boxes, and once you open it, the skin that will drop from it will be chosen in a wheel of fortune style, randomly. You may get something that is of a lesser value than the key you purchased or a skin worth hundreds of dollars, if not more.

Of course, it’s all about luck so don’t count too much on getting that high valued skin. Another method of getting skins is by also playing the game. At the end of the match, you might get a drop, a weapon crate or a weapon skin. Of course, the chances of getting an expensive skin are slim but still worth a shot.

You can also ask a friend to transfer you skins or trade skins with other players. Another method of acquiring weapon skins is by going to the community market and purchasing them. Some may be cheaper,others not so much. A skin can go from 0.01 cents to thousands of dollars.

Betting Using Weapon Skins

Now that I got your attention with the fact that some skins can go up to thousands of dollars, you get the idea why some eSports betting sites decided to go in this direction. You can place a couple of skins for your bet and get better ones if you win. It all depends on the bet and the chances of winning.

You can use this method if you can’t afford to use your credit card or your bitcoins. You can even risk more with skins because they aren’t money. It’s all up to you.

It’s about time that eSports betting sites started using weapon skins as a form of currency. For more information, please search for cs go skin betting and get ready to bet.