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Why English Is A Universal Language


English is one of the most widely used languages on the planet. It is the language you hear in Hollywood movies, hear the world leaders discussing international affairs, and the language of this article!  It is an official language in most of the countries in the world. Hence being proficient in the language can help you adjust and work in any country.

This article provides you the reasons that make English a universal language, and the benefits of learning English. It also tells you where you can learn the language.

What makes English a universal language?

The language is one of the most widely used on the planet. The reasons given below make it a universal language.

  1. First language of several super powers: Several world super powers such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia use English as their first language. It is also one of the major official languages of 53 other countries including India, Singapore, South American countries, and many other Asian countries. This means that most of the official work in international organisations and international governments take place in English.
  2. Medium of academic instruction in many countries: Majority of the countries begin teaching English in either primary or secondary school. Most of the high school and university education involves studying from English textbooks.
  3. Language of mainstream media: Most of the content created on the internet, television, and for the cinema is written in English. Many international news outlets such as TV, newspapers, magazines and the radio produce content in this language. All major international film festivals feature English films or films with English subtitles.
  4. Widely used language in the tourism industry: English is one of the most widely used languages used in the travel industry. From airplane announcements, train timetables, street signs, and emergency information, you can find information displayed in English. 

Benefits of learning English

There are so many advantages of learning the language. We have outlined the main reasons for you.

  1. Learning the language can increase your chances of obtaining an excellent job in your home country or abroad, as most MNCs require English speaking candidates.
  2. English is one of the main medium of instruction for the movie industry. Learning it would lessen your dependence on subtitles.
  3. The English alphabet is fairly simple and is very easy to learn and comprehend as compared to other languages such as French.
  4. Learning the language will help you participate in online forums and discussions as most of the content online is written in that language.
  5. Most universities in the US, UK, or Canada offer courses, where the training medium is English. Learning the language will help you succeed academically.

How to learn English

If you want to learn this language, you have a plethora of options available for you. Whether you want to learn it from the scratch or improve your current skills, there are many institutes that offer general English speaking courses every day. While choosing an institute, check for

  1. The credibility of the course
  2. List of available courses
  3. Course timings and durations
  4. Course fees

Learning English opens a host of opportunities for your career and academics. It also helps you talk to people, interact with colleagues, and deal with real-life problems in any part of the world. However, if you want to learn English, you must learn it from the best institute to make the most of the academic experience.