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Why Other Managers And Business Owners Love Voip Phone Systems (And You Will Too)?


A VoIP system enables you to use voice communication through internet, instead of through traditional lines, thanks to a software. Its best-known advantage is that it is less expensive then using analog (copper lines), but there is more to it. You can also communicate from anywhere through your computer, and it comes with a variety of other features, while making it easy to create virtual conferences.

  • Lower Cost

Not many businesses are unaware that a VoIP communication system is the less expensive solution for companies. However, moving to this software also implies choosing the right one, such as the VoIP phone system Aircall. These systems can answer all communication needs, and it can do so at an unbelievably low cost per call. That’s because in a traditional setting, when you place a call to someone, two lines are necessary. By using VoIP, your data are sent through the internet, which doesn’t need any dedicated lines.

With a regular line, in the office, if someone is already using the number, it means no one else can do so during that time. Therefore, if you want all employees to be able to use a line whenever they want to, you need to have one especially linked to them. That is quite expensive in itself.

  • Greater Mobility

If you or your employees are frequently on the road, a business phone number is definitely not the right solution. Otherwise, you will need to use codes and call your service company to transfer the line, every time one of your people will be on the move. With VoIP, the communication tool follows wherever one goes. It can be installed on the computer and even through an app on the mobile phone. It means you will never waste time or find yourself without a communication device, anywhere you may go, around the world.

  • A large Number of Additional Features

That is probably one of the most important qualities that managers and business owners love about VoIP system. Because you can add-on so many other features, it makes the work much easier and the employees more efficient, by multi-tasking at all time. Not only can you make phone calls with that communication software, but you can also send voice and text messages to your clients and colleagues. If you need to inform others of someone’s response, you can do so by simply forwarding the message instead of wasting time, rewriting it all in an e-mail.

Also available:

  • Call Logs
  • Call Queues
  • Call Recordings

There are so many other benefits to be discovered in VoIP, like how easy it is to create conference calls. You only have to try it and then you will never go back to traditional lines.