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Why Studying Data Analytics Is The Smartest Move You Could Make In 2019?


Emerging technologies have enhanced the significance of data and changed the techniques of data management within a business environment. Today, organisations of all sizes largely depend on data for crucial business decision making and analysing trends that can steer a business towards success. With the rise of data-driven organisations, the number of students opting for a career in this field has also increased. As businesses become more and more reliant on data analysis, it will boost up the demand for skilled employees.

If you are deliberating whether studying data analytics is the right choice of career for you, this blog can help you get all the answers. Read on to find out why pursuing Diploma in Data Analytics as the choice of career could be the smartest move for you in 2019.  

Why is studying data analytics a good idea?

  • Job opportunities: The myriad of opportunities available in the data science field is one of the major driving forces behind the growing popularity of data analytics programmes. Top organisations rely on skilled data analytics professionals to comprehensively use and interpret data. The demand for qualified professionals in this field is high, whereas there are not enough job seekers. Data analytics is a gold mine for those who want to forge a successful career.
  • New roles: Gone are the days when data analytics translated to monotonous jobs. The rapid increase of the data science sector has led to the incorporation of data analytics in various industries such as healthcare and finance. Now, students with the right qualification can choose from a range of job roles depending on their interests and specialisation. 
  • Decision-making abilities: Since data analytics lies at the heart of business decision-making, having a data analytics qualification under your belt can give you the opportunity to be at the core of the decision-making process. You will have the responsibility of developing and implementing strategies and using them to support crucial decision making. 

  • Rapid growth: The data science sector has witnessed a booming growth, thanks to the increased dependency of corporates and top organisations on the results data analytics yield. Irrespective of the industry, data analytics is on the driver’s seat for an organisation’s success. 
  • Need of the hour: With the introduction and continued growth of digitalisation, the amount of data available is incomprehensible. Large chunks of data are being produced and mined by organisations, in the hopes of extracting useful insights from it. However, without the right expertise, it is impossible to decipher technical data into a comprehensible language. This has further augmented the need for skilled and qualified data analytics professionals. 
  • Lucrative career: Data analytics is rewarding career that presents students with the opportunity to take on lucrative job options. As the demand for professionals with industry knowledge is increasing, so is their paycheck. The average annual salary commanded by a data analyst is $60,431 CAD. The salary of a data analytics professional can vary depending on their experience and expertise. Nevertheless, it is a well-paying career with the potential for rapid career growth. 

Data analytics is the new frontier and has become a popular asset not only for top organisations but also for professionals who want to enter the business sphere. The usefulness of data analytics is indispensable, which is one of the major factors for students choosing to pursue it as a profession.