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10 Must Follow Tips for Social Media Marketing


Currently, almost everybody is using social media marketing to boost his or her online presence. By using these ten tips in this article responsibly, you can establish a unique connection with the working body of social media, increasing your customer engagement, brand awareness, brand affinity, and return on investment (ROI).

Set your campaign goals

Identify what you want your social media campaign to do. It may be to increase your media followers, boost online buzz, or increase brand mentions. Outline these goals before your start your campaign. Then identify what you need to do to achieve the goals through social media campaigns.

Choose your social networks

Choose your social networks

Now that you have your goals, it is the time to choose the networks on which to run your social media campaigns. The network you choose should demonstrate audience you wish to target. Some social media networks include:

  • Facebook
  • Tweeter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tsu
  • Archetypes
  • Aboutme.com

Choose the one that fits you better.

Engage with your campaign’s participants

Now that you have the goals the social media that fits, start engaging with your target audience. Start posting contents. The content may contain – this is recommended – your hashtag. Observe your content activities and make efforts to “comment” and “like” the positive submissions.

Motivate your audience to give feedbacks. Collect the feedbacks and implement them in your marketing strategies. Respond to the people who comment or posts on your social media site. This way, you make them feel like a part of your business community – a position that is theirs.

Display your collected content

Content matters. Writer good stuff as this the one in a million chances to increase customer retention and loyalty. The content should inform your audience and answer the questions they may have: solve their problems.


The content must be timely.  While this is the principle of noteworthiness when it comes to succeeding on social media, evergreen content is the king.

The 80%, 20% canon

This means that only a quarter of your content that should promote your product. Since, according to the Pareto principle, only 20% of your output that produces 80% of output, you should avoid over-promoting your brand in your content.

Determine the success of your campaign

As you begin to gain grounds in your social media campaigns, develop a way to assess and analyse your progress. Are you achieving your goals? Measure and analyse your qualitative and quantitative results. If you cannot do this yourself, have a social media company do it for you.

Make your branding cohesive across channels

The very first social media marketers – at the time when every brand needed space on the developing social networks – realised the need for a cohesive branding. This is the reason you need to choose your social network wisely.

Use images

Use images to boost your content engagements. As from 2015, a strong visual strategy has become an integral factor in social media success. Content with relevant images outperforms the one that lacks images.

Build Identity

Brand yourself. Let your audience identify you with a given personality, character or brand. The image you have online reflects how your business is. So how do you want your business to be displayed?

Keep the Conversation Going

Do not stop engaging your audience. Avoid abandoning your social media platform. Always give your audience something to read and do all the time. Keep them busy with relevant information.

Identify your Target

Instead of writing every other topic that comes your way, simply, choose a niche. This will allow you concentrate on one area and earn the necessary expertise that helps you build a strong, unique selling point (USP) for your brand.


Social media marketing is the best way to increasing your customer engagement, brand awareness, brand affinity, and ROI. If you follow these tips, you will reap the best from social networks.