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10 Students Problems And How To Beat Them


Studying has always been a significant constituent of an individual’s life, especially students. During those precious years, they accumulate knowledge and analyze tons of information on an ongoing basis. It’s an extremely productive time when students get to experience stressful situations whether it’s a cut-off date of some paper, a rigorous professor or hard-to-master course. This inestimable practice will come in handy in future when fresh out of university students need to find a well-paid job and manage to sustain a healthy lifestyle. If you get frustrated during your studying process or exams, fear not. It’s completely normal and natural to be up against some challenges. What’s of vital importance is that those issues shouldn’t overcome you and eventually lead to serious problems or even expulsion.

For the sake of helping you out, we collected 10 major study problems. Here you will find recommendations and tips from experienced teachers and graduates on how to alleviate a tough situation and beat those problems.

Low Motivation

Unlike school, education at university level isn’t obligatory meaning that you got to have a goal when applying for college. The fact that you’re a student presupposes you have some plans for your future career or lifestyle and are going to work hard. Quite frequently young people being pressured by their surroundings have no desire studying for a degree. But they visit a school in hopes of gut courses. Sooner or later you experience problems lacking the motivation to get up in the morning or do tasks you are to do. Always keep in mind your degree and what’s, more importantly, knowledge together with experience are extremely valuable. Think about growing as personality and accumulating different information. You may think: “How come the knowledge about some random fact will help me in life?” Developing your brain work and memory and also acquiring unique information that contributes to your proficiency — that is the sense of learning it all.

Financial Troubles

Feeling like you could find the better place to invest your money in or hesitating whether you should continue? Remember you are investing in yourself, take all knowledge and any possibility from the place you are studying at as well as from teachers, tutors or professors. Let’s say there is a competition, don’t shun away and just try. You might be noticed by people who need professional like you, thus, you are setting yourself for future career opportunities. Then you won’t feel like your money is wasted since you’re growing your professional potential. If you’re facing serious lack of funds and simply cannot pay the tuition to be realistic about it and keep in mind you can get a degree at any age.

Bad Relationship With Mentor

Lots of students struggle with a subject because they’re not kind of teachers for some reasons. The most important thing here is to hold the rage and not let emotions take over. If you witness your teacher being unprofessional and unfair, sincere conversation with them can help to hunt down a question. Frequently a student just has to have enough courage to own the fact his demeanor is provoking. Be honest with yourself and try to be diligent, mayhap your professor simply wants you to work harder.

Difficult Course

If there is a difficult subject you simply cannot understand don’t feel ashamed of asking your teacher questions again and again. Don’t forget you’re studying for yourself, your personal growth and your better future, it doesn’t matter what others might think. Most of the time students will thank you in the back of their minds for asking something they didn’t have enough courage to ask. Have a conversation with your classmates who do understand the subject and ask to explain it to you. With that crazy amount of information online you can also easily find beneficial videos and forums. If something is that incomprehensible that you’re ready to completely give up just focus on that minimum you’re supposed to know.


The main thief of successful studying and well-organized lifestyle. It’s a situation when you are aware of the tasks you are to do but you put it off or simply waste your time doing nothing. Deep inside there is strong reluctance in you or laziness that pushes you away from sitting down and completing the work. Just face the payoff of procrastinating which is a complete waste of time and even bigger problems in the future.

Distraction Everywhere

This is a big problem for those living in student hostels and dorms who got to put up with hustle and bustle of roommates lives. If you don’t want to use a study room in your hostel, be sincere with your roommates. Since they are just like you they’ll be cool if you ask them not to distract you. Lots of students have created a specific lifestyle having issues with the concentration in dorms or at home, they stay after classes in a library to do all the work and by the time they get home they’re completely free.

Not Enough Time

There’ll never be enough time to do everything perfectly. It’s extremely important to organize your work and make some kind of timetable and stick to it, arrange your priorities in form of the major subjects that you work on first. Look at what you spend your time, sometimes you got to limit yourself, especially during exams.

Personal Issues

More and more students and young people deal with mental problems, depression plus disorders which significantly influence studying. If you are having health concerns you must address them, otherwise, all your studying efforts will be pointless. Talk to someone close to you or your therapist since here everything depends upon your state of mind.


If the subject you are studying is unbearably boring for you, you can make it if not the most interesting thing ever but a bit more “colorful”. Use vibrant pens, stickers or labels and try out different remembering methods like association method. Look at the subject from different perspectives and focus on a detail you may like. Thus, creating those meaningful for you ties you’ll be able to memorize boring for your facts.

Lack Of Practice

Talking about the level of any specialist proficiency, practice and experience are topmost things to consider. Try to practice as much as you can and it will result in you mastering what you’re studying. Obviously, it depends upon your field of specialty but as long as you practice with friends, online or by yourself the subject you’re studying will be just a piece of cake!