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4 Reasons Why School Authorities Must Use GPS Trackers in Buses


Running a school calls for taking great care of all things big and small, which concerns the development as well as the safety of all the students. When it comes to safety, you strive to create a protective environment for kids in the school. However, equally important is their safety during commuting to and fro from the school. It is for this reason that the drivers of your fleet of school buses must be sensitized to take precautionary measures while picking and dropping kids. At the same time, you must also go a step ahead and equip all the school buses with an advanced GPS tracker.

Nowadays, GPS trackers like the one offered by famous brand KENT called CamEye has many advanced features and provides many benefits. KENT CamEye offers dual camera feature where it records both inside and outside the vehicle. Not only that, but such a GPS of reasonable price also provides a range of other excellent benefits like route playback, live streaming, intelligent alerts and face recognition. The GPS price is also reasonable now and will help you reassure parents that as an authority you are keeping a check on the fleet of buses, kids, and drivers, even when they are out on the roads. 

Here are a few ways in which a suitable GPS tracker device can prove beneficial for your school as well as parents, both, by ensuring the following- 

Driver Does Not Drive Rashly

No matter how much the authorities instruct drivers with regards to driving safely, many bus drivers still drive recklessly. This exposes students to significant risk. However, when you install a smart GPS tracker in all the buses, the school authorities shall be able to keep a comprehensive check on the activities of the driver. This will deter the driver from breaking signals, over speeding, or doing anything improper, putting many parents’ worries at rest. The device will send intelligent alerts to the authorities having access to the device who can then take action accordingly. 

Kids Don’t Misbehave Inside the Bus

Many a time, students engage in bullying and violent acts inside the bus, leading to physical injury or harm. This often concerns parents a lot. A smart GPS tracker will not only help track real-time details of the bus, but the dual camera and video feature, along with alerts will inform the authorities if any such fight or incident takes place. Two-way calling feature is made possible by an attached speaker and microphone and will ensure that authorities can intervene for the benefit of all. This will ensure that matters do not go beyond limits, and student’s safety is maintained.    

Informed About Any Notorious Activity

A student’s security may also be compromised when an unregistered driver takes charge of the vehicle under unusual circumstances. Some devices that come with the face recognition feature will help the authorities know if any notorious unrecognized face gets at the wheels. The face recognition feature will send alerts to the authorities, ensuring that the school can immediately take some action to secure the kids. 

Proper Record Of Route And Trips Made

With the help of a smart security device, your authorities can live stream videos of trips made, to crosscheck on details in case of any case or legal orders. The data on such devices get stored on cloud and can be checked upon up to a specific period. The route playback feature will help authorities get clear evidence for all trips undertaken. 

Provide Safe Commute to Your Students

It will be a decisive step to equip your school buses with safety devices like CamEye that will provide maximum satisfaction to all parents regarding their children’s safety. This will be a much-appreciated step. So, check different GPS prices and features to buy the one that offers you maximum benefits as an authority. The GPS prices are reasonable, and therefore, investing money in this safety device will be an excellent step to fulfill your responsibility towards student’s safety in the long run.