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5 Amazing Ways To Increase Your Facebook Followers In 2019


Facebook, just like other social media platforms can take long before you get many followers. That means that even the content you share will not reach as many people as you would want. And if yours is a business page, then it means that even your sales will be low.

Don’t worry. I got some good news for you. It’s possible to increase your Facebook followers through five effective ways within a short time. Such ways include using viral content, inviting friends to like your page, sharing live stream videos, using hashtags, and buying followers. Does it sound too good to believe? Read on.

1. Go Viral With Content

Once you have your page; go ahead and create viral content that will make people to comment in your posts as well as share it. One thing you need to know is that the content can be in the form of a meme, funny quotes, or videos.

Whether it’s products you are selling, make funny videos that people will love and share automatically with others. Some may want to tag their friends so that they cannot miss the content. This helps you reach many people even though they are not your followers on Facebook.

2. Invite Friends To Like Your Page

Once you create a Facebook page, start creating Ads. The next thing is to ask your friends, family members, and colleagues to like your page. However, you need to pace down in sending invitation requests.

Why? If you invite too many people within a short time, Facebook will block you, and you’ll not be in a position to send any more requests.

Therefore, once you invite people; pause for a couple of days then invite a few more. This way, you’ll be in a position to invite many people, and your Facebook followers will increase.

3. Share Live Stream Videos

Did you know that live stream videos get interactions more than the usual videos? Actually, a report by Facebook states that interactions increases by up to six times. Are you serious about growing your Facebook followers? Then, share live stream videos.

See, people want to see what is happening at a particular time, right? They’ll definitely want to watch the live video and give their views in the comments section. Was it an interesting live stream video? Expect more likes as well as followers.

On the other hand, Facebook will help you by prioritizing your posts if only what you are posting generates meaningful interactions. That way, you can reach the intended persons and earn more targeted followers.

4. Hashtag It Up

Just like other social media platforms, Hashtag increases your followers by making your posts visible to people interested in the same content you are posting. If for example, you want to reach people interested in health, you just need to add a hashtag before the word “health.” How? #Health.

This makes it possible for anyone looking for content on health to see your page. If what is in your page is what they are looking for, they’ll automatically like your page and follow it for more information.

5. Buy Followers

You see, getting people to see your posts especially for a new page may take a decade especially if what you are sharing isn’t attracting people’s attention. So, what should you do? Buy Facebook followers; it’s a great way people consider these days. You can go for some trusted platforms such as Quantum Marketer to move ahead with this

As much as some people will tell you that it’s not right to buy Facebook followers, it may be worth doing so. You see, numerous benefits come with buying followers. For instance, though you use less effort, the results are amazing. Why? You get many followers within a short time. Not only so, but you also get a high number of followers than what you had paid for.

Isn’t it worth it? Further, privacy and security are not compromised and you get all the support you need. Why not try it and see your Facebook followers rising overnight?

Over To You

Do you want to increase your Facebook followers? Follow all the ways I have shared in this article. It is not as difficult as you think to get Facebook followers. However, without applying the right ways, it may not even be possible to get one hundred followers in a year.

You don’t have to go through all that. Apply the ways above.  They are sure. If it works for you, share this article with others so that they, too, can benefit.