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6 Ways Technology Has Changed Gaming


The video game storm has hit your computer, phone, and living room to the point that it has overtaken pretty much everything. But was it always like this? Nope. Numerous technological advancements have taken place in gaming since the pong days. Here is a list of 5 ways in which technology has made huge impact on gaming.

1. Artificial Intelligence has grown by leaps and bounds

Even a multiplayer video game where you don’t have anyone to play against is a dull and dreary experience. And that’s where the role of Artificial Intelligence comes into play. Technically, AI has been around from the very beginning of the gaming industry. It is not anything innovative; it was there all the time when you were playing Pong. But what is actually new is the fact that AI is beginning to mimic humans more and more each day now.

In video games today, enemies may go for war tactics like flanking. They may throw a grenade when they are unable to get your clear visual. This is something very similar to real life warfare. AI is getting more intelligent with each passing year. In addition, it’s already gotten to the point where it is training a computer-controlled player to act like a human. AI can certainly be regarded as the biggest technological advancement in video games, since it’s the one that’s quite responsible for the existence of video games.

2. Online play is an icing on the cake

With the advent of online gaming, multiplayer games received their much deserved recognition. At one point, online play even became a must have element that was responsible for the success of a new release. Thanks to the evolution of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), online gaming has become an entirely different experience today.

At present, gamers can engage and play with fellow gamers online irrespective of their geographical locations. Interestingly, the unrivalled champion of this area—World of Warcraft—has more than eight million subscribers. This means that eight million people are connected to each other through an online society. You can also enjoy a game of slots with a person sitting in other corner of the world using sites such as All Slots Casino. However impossible it might have been a few decades back, it is a reality today. Online Play is a separate world of its own presently.

3. The third dimension looks wonderful

Two dimensions have their own limitations. You can do only so much with them—top-down, platformers, and views. The possibilities of what you can do are going to be exhausted eventually.

Three dimensional games were already present in the 1980s, for instance, there were games like Red Racer. However, early platforms didn’t look that appealing and were also convoluted to an extent.

Now, most games are three dimensional games. With the betterment of graphics software, they are even looking better. The stride to the third dimension has changed something fundamental regarding the way games look and feel.

4. Graphical upgrades are so much enhanced

Let’s be honest here. Pong was not a beautiful game. It didn’t have complicated textures, shaders, or sprites that are found in all modern games today. As time passed, there have been major strides in the way graphics are provided or rendered on gaming platforms.

Technology has apparently allowed for enhanced graphics by means of hardware upgrades. The Pong era, on the other hand, had limited processors. As a result there wasn’t much that could be done to do away with choppy performance. Today is the scene of high-speed hardware, which allows for more instructions, pixels, and shading—even on an enormous scale.

5. Portability has made gaming convenient

In the obsession of making everything portable, how could we leave gaming behind? Gaming consoles were miniaturized and made easily transportable. The result? People could now game anywhere any time. They just needed to press the on switch, and entertainment took care of the rest. This meant no more having to tow around TV and consoles to play a game against a friend.

Apparently, the technology behind portable gaming has lagged a bit for a while. But the uniqueness of being able to game any time anywhere is just undeniable. It was actually this innovation that led to cell phones and mp3 players on the bus. You might be surprised to know there is a new trend on the uprise and that’s gaming tablets, they’re both powerful and portable. Some offer an incredible library of games, ready at your fingertips. See this guide on the latest gaming tablets.


6.Powerful Smartphones and Gaming Apps

Smartphones and their gaming apps developed specifically for playing on smartphones have made gaming both ubiquitous and accessible. While not everybody might be happy to invest in a PC specifically for playing games, a console, or other gaming technology, everybody splashes out to get the latest and greatest phones. Today’s smartphones are incredibly powerful and can be used even for performance intensive games. So much so, that demand for app developers has mushroomed and hiring for such positions has become quite a task. Yet, as a consumer and gaming enthusiast, the proliferation of mobile games is great for the whole industry.


Where is video game technology heading to? 20 years back technology seemed that it was front-line of the one that was about to come. And perhaps the same will happen. While it’s not possible to predict the future, it is fair to say that virtual reality has been a developing topic recently.