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A Lazy Man’s Guide To Boosting Your Cell Phone Signal


Sometimes, in the busy humdrum of life, you just can’t be bothered to burn your time troubleshooting each and every problem that you encounter. There’s a reason why “lifehacking” has become so popular for the new generation. It’s all about time efficiency nowadays.

Despite widespread infrastructure and advances in technology, spotty cell phone reception is still a recurring issue for most of us. Fortunately, there are easy ways to lifehack the problem into pieces. Here’s a quick and dirty primer on how to solve bad mobile signal.

Get rid of your signal-blocking smartphone case

First things first. Check whether your phone case is blocking your mobile reception and you can also use a cell phone signal booster for better connectivity. There are phone casings made of certain materials that can repel signals. Ditch these cases and get better ones.

Do a quick comparative on the signal strengths when the case is applied and when it’s off. Maybe gauge it for around three to five minutes or so, just to get more consistent results.

Switch to a different carrier

Different carriers have different coverage areas and strengths. Get a friend or two with different carriers to test mobile reception kinks with you.

Dual SIM card phones are the best for this task, as they are able to take advantage of two mobile carriers at the same time. Bad reception in this area with the first provider? Switch to the other one.

Keep a healthy battery level at all times

Your smartphone needs a lot of juice to power its processes and that includes your mobile connectivity. Your phone drains even more power when you’re opting into mobile Internet via 3G or 4G LTE. Without sufficient battery power, your phone is going to have to skimp out on optimal performance.

Getting an external power pack goes a long way for your phone’s uptime and performance, so don’t hesitate to invest in a couple. They’re not that expensive anyway.

Probe for a better spot, closer to a window, or higher

Different places in the house have different signal strengths. Basements, in particular, generally have the worst mobile reception. Man-made objects such as cement walls and floors, steel beams and such, block mobile signals. An easy way to circumvent that limitation is via windows, preferably open ones.

Going higher also helps, as line-of-sight and signal-blocking obstructions are common factors that affect mobile signal strength. Go to the top floor and do your mobile business on a veranda or balcony. You’re more likely to get better reception up there than inside.

Get a signal boosting device

All else fails, just get a signal boosting kit. It’s a solid investment, especially if mobile and Internet connectivity is crucial for your livelihood.

Get the carrier appropriate signal boosting kit for your needs. Some devices, like the weBoost Connect 4G-X, can handle multiple phones and multiple carriers at the same time. Some installation will be required, but it’s not that difficult to set up.

Moving Forward

There are quick and practical ways to solve mobile reception woes. Moving closer to a window, or climbing higher in a building can boost mobile signals. Using a non-signal-blocking case as well as maintaining a good battery level can help as well.

In cases where minor tweaking and hacking don’t work, it’s best to just get a signal boosting kit to get the job done. There are plenty of booster devices out there in the market right now, so get the best one that fits your needs.