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Advantages Of Having An Electric Fleet


Your business should utilise every advantage it has at its disposal. If you have a fleet of vehicles, then turning them into electrical versions should be at the top of your company agenda. 

Electric vehicles, or EVs, bring many benefits to your business. Everything from cash flow to consumer relations can be taken to new heights. If your firm has experienced a lull period, the change is enough to give your company a shot of adrenaline. 

Not every business owner is keen on redefining a huge part of their business so radically and swiftly. Nevertheless, while change is always a little bit scary, this type of opportunity must be snatched up at the very earliest opportunity. 

So, what are the main advantages of having an electric fleet? After the jump, you’ll find a quick list of reasons that hopefully stir some excitement around the idea.  

Leasing Perks

Big and small businesses are increasingly drawn to leasing EVs for their fleet. There are many good reasons for this being the case. 

LV ElectriX has published a detailed guide on what you need to know about leasing EVs. They explain the tax efficiency of these leasing arrangements and the ability to offset lease payments against corporation tax. There are also insights around reducing the benefit-in-kind rate the employee pays and the subsequent reduction of Class 1A National Insurance contributions. Your personal details are unaffected, too, as credit checks are conducted in the firm’s name rather than yours. If you’re satisfied with all that you read here, LV ElectriX can also help you find a quote. 

As you can see, there’s a domino effect of perks to enjoy through a leasing arrangement. While leasing often receives bad press, there are provable benefits to company logistics here. Everything becomes more cost-effective and straightforward in your fleet and beyond, so keep these perks in mind as you proceed.  

Maintenance Fees

Electric cars can slash your firm’s fleet maintenance fees considerably. Whether your company is scraping by or raking in millions in revenue, it’s always in your enterprise’s best interests to avoid unnecessary spending. 

Common cars that use petrol and diesel are assembled from hundreds of different parts. By comparison, electric vehicles operate with far fewer components, which means there’s much less wear and tear to contend with. Though the standard period of 3 years for MOTs still stands, the maintenance of EVs is far less costly, sometimes by as much as 50%, depending on the make and model of the vehicle. All this could have huge benefits for your business. 

The aforementioned lease deals can be particularly fruitful here. The right services provide flexible ways to customise the arrangement. You can choose to cover service or maintenance yourself or have the peace of mind of a maintenance package with predictable costs. The latter is likely best for a business, as you’ll be able to budget around these requirements. Still, you can select what’s best for your company, which counts for a great deal. 

Recharge Potential 

Some firms have smatterings of EVs to their name. While they have noble intentions, half-commitments can present problems, particularly when accessing charge points. 

More charging stations are being fitted around the UK, and they’re now mandatory with new builds. That said, it can still be more of a task for EV drivers to find a station they can use in a hurry. The infrastructure around EVs is moving ahead, but it’s a game of catchup for now, though it won’t be forever. 

A fleet of EVs can address these issues because you’ll perhaps feel more incentivised to install charge points on your premises. It’s standard practice to recharge these innovations overnight, which means you’ll have a fleet of cars ready to go every morning at a moment’s notice. The time-efficiency here is staggering and greatly reduces the time spent at charge stations elsewhere or fuel pumps before your fleet goes electric. 

Reputational Boosts

All of the perks so far culminate in one thing; a reputational boost. Few things can supercharge a company’s prospects, like positive word of mouth, especially during a time of economic strife and commercial hardship. 

Remember, not every company is so eager to divulge its climate plans, fearing scrutiny from the public. Still, even an eerie silence on these matters can stir distrust, especially as businesses enter an age of open dialogue around the dire need for climate change measures. What better way to be loud and proud of your efforts than having an electric fleet? It would be a perfect example of your firm’s ability to take action rather than depend solely on vague conjecture and loose commitments. 

Promote your efforts too. Your firm should have a company blog, so post updates of your fleet transformation online to generate interest and publicity. Utilise effective search engine optimisation strategies to get these pieces seen. Also, consider publishing the numbers on how everything has come together, from emissions reduced in your firm to staff satisfaction rates. It can all help impress the magnitude of positive change your electric fleet has influenced.