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Artificial Intelligence & SEO: Four Strategies You Need to Follow in 2021 


We are all aware that embracing the most targeted and cutting-edge SEO techniques can have a massive impact upon the success of any online business. However, this can be problematic due to the fact that technology is causing the sector to transform at an increasingly frenetic pace. For example, artificial intelligence (AI) is now playing an important role. Let us therefore examine some of the most powerful strategies to leverage in the coming year so that you can remain one step ahead of the competition. Furthermore, taking advantage of AI will undoubtedly help to propel your online business to the next level. 

Appreciating the Importance of User Experiences

The first suggestion involves the role that end-user experience plays in relation to artificial intelligence. An algorithm known as RankBrain is one of a handful of programmes which work in conjunction with major search engines such as Google. While how sites are actually ranked is somewhat debated, the majority of experts believe that user experience (factors such as the time spent upon individual pages and clickthrough rates) are important). So, be sure to monitor these variables in order to appreciate if a problem exists.

The Organic Approach

Secondly, user experience goes far beyond the more technical aspects mentioned above. Artificial intelligence is also beginning to automatically search the online community for reviews associated with a specific product or service. Positive feedback will therefore impact the ranking of your website. Therefore, make it a point to engage with clients. This will enable you to proactively appreciate their needs and to better understand if a specific marketing campaign is effective. If this proves to be difficult due to time or resource constraints, it may be better to work with an SEO agency London has to provide. These experts are well aware of the latest trends.

The Rise of Voice Searches

Another facet of artificial intelligence involves its relationship with voice searches. Industry professionals have predicted that the number of these searches is set represent more than 50 per cent of all online queries by 2022. Thus, many businesses will need to optimise their keywords. This normally involves adding more long-tail phrases that are likely to be spoken by a human (as opposed to typed). The phrases should also become more natural. Compare these two searches focusing upon the same query:

  • How will AI impact SEO in the coming year?
  • AI and SEO in 2021

The first question is much more likely to be spoken while the second is commonly typed within a search engine field.

Mobile-Responsive Website Design and SEO

More than three-quarters of all Internet users are expected to employ their smartphones to access the online community by 2025. So, it only stands to reason that AI is beginning to take into account whether or not a website offers a mobile-responsive design. This is also why the majority of targeted SEO services include mobile optimisation as a standard feature. Make absolutely certain that all elements within your website display correctly on devices such as smartphones and tablets in order to avoid any future issues.

Although artificial intelligence often occurs “behind the scenes”, its impact in regards to search engine optimisation is very real. Being prepared for what the future has to offer will help you to rise head and shoulders above the competition.