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Back To The Future Business Trends


The work of business is changing constantly. We don’t need to be told about the latest updates to security trends, or how the Cloud is revolutionizing business, we see it every day. We need to look to the future, and specifically, the near future. Keeping up to date is not a polite request by the bigwigs, it is your responsibility to keep up to date and ahead of the curve. So what can we expect in the very near future, based on what trends are happening already?


The User Experience Will Transform Our Marketing Tactics

The internet is already causing seismic shifts in the ecommerce world. The buying trends of customers are now gearing towards sitting down rather than browsing an aisle. The relationship between the customer and the brand is becoming much more interactive. We’ve already seen how Facebook targets adverts for users based on their own preferences and clicking history, the next step will ramp it up a notch, engaging all of the senses.

Remote Working Will Be A Preferred Choice For Many

The difficulty in the modern world, with both parents in a household working full-time jobs, means that it is a logistical nightmare to get the kids to school on time, so naturally the request to work from home one day a week or more will be a bigger likelihood for more people.

The Change Will Force You To Pedal Faster

Changes will be constant, and they will come much faster than ever before. Businesses need to reflect on this and evaluate what they can contribute to the market as a whole. You will need to integrate workforce performance management software as your standard analytics systems need to upgrade from a traditional stats based system, to an all-encompassing performance tool. Only then will you be able to invest in a workplace culture that is productive and dynamic. And it’s not just the parents, the younger professionals in startup companies look for flexibility in their jobs, and look to the more lucrative freelance contracts. With flexible hours and online communication methods becoming easier and easier, the option to work from home is proving to be a very enticing prospect for so many. The remote workforce means less expenditure in many ways, and it could even lead to a big chunk of your team working from home, but this can have an impact in other areas, such as team morale.

Data Is More Important Now Than It Ever Has Been

Analytics software and how we use data for marketing purposes is becoming a big currency. Analytics and how customer habits and trends are measured is one of, if not the biggest tool for companies to thrive in this oversaturated market. The fights are bigger and the contracts are more lucrative, and people are spoilt for choice, so companies will need to develop their own intricate systems to identify how a customer purchases products. As 2017 progresses, this will become a bigger and better way to gear marketing campaigns and increase product awareness.