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Best apps to enjoy sports streams


Life is full of hustle and bustle these days, many of us have to travel for work, some of us have to travel to different towns, some of us have to travel to different countries on long trips. One thing we all have in common is that we pretty much all carry a phone with access to mobile internet. On your way home and the Euros kick off at 5pm? Well, you’re going to need a sports streaming app and that’s what I’m here to help you with today.

There are a few different options, there are dedicated streaming apps (like sky go or BT sport) there are questionably legal sources like running IPTV through something like Perfect Player, or another option that some people don’t know about is to view your sports and pair with an sports betting app (see the screenshot below) since these days plenty of betting apps and sites will allow you to watch live sports, not every sport unfortunately, but specific games as long as you have staked on them, but we’ll go into more detail later.

So we’ll start by going into more detail about betting sites for watching sports streams. There are a few that I know of from experience that will allow you to watch a live football game, usually la liga or  something that basically isn’t the Premier League, I’ve also watched tennis and golf. The ones I have used in the past are Bet365 and most recently I have used Betfair. The delay on the event is virtually non-existent and the quality has come a long way over the years. 

And like I mentioned above, if you’re already into betting, being able to bet in an app while you’re watching the feed they use to update odds and suspend the markets is quite handy honestly. 

Next up we can talk a little bit about “official” apps, we can cover them all in one section here, SO here goes. A lot of the BIG providers offer their own apps, so if you’re already a Sky Sports subscriber, you can watch live sports through their Sky Go app, I have used it in the past and when I used it the quality was great but the delay was pretty rough so if you were hoping to do some gambling while you watch, you’ve got no real shot at in play stuff. But if it’s all you have then you know, it’s not bad.

Then you have Now TV, also from Sky. This is its own subscription based service, OR if you’re not into that, you can buy access to individual games (or movies if you want to do that too) again, this is something I used briefly in the past, at the time the quality wasn’t very good but I’d imagine by now they’ve fixed that. But it does have apps for basically everything so you can watch on console, on the go etc. 

Also BT Sport, they also have their own app which again is tied to a BT Sport subscription HOWEVER with this one, you may want to look into your mobile phone provider, since I’m currently with EE and I have an additional extra as part of my monthly phone plan where for something like £12 a month I can gain access to the BT Sport mobile app, which I got a 6 month free trial of and used it to watch Champions League and UFC, the experience was actually really good. Interestingly enough, BT Sport also sometimes streams the BIG games on their YouTube channel, which is kind of baffling to me but hey, that’s the age we’re in now.

As you can see by the banner above, the next app I’m going to talk about is Amazon Prime Video. Now, the interesting thing about that is, if you already pay for Amazon Prime, you get access to a selection of things on Amazon Prime Video, which does in fact include the sport. Again, this is another app that is available on multiple platforms, so through a web browser, available on multiple consoles and a firestick as well as their mobile app.

So there we have it, that’s a breakdown of some methods we can use to watch sports on your phone or on your playstation, there is a lot of potential out there and this just covers… You know, the legal methods to watch sports on the go. There are of course plenty of other shady ways you can do this, but that’s a story for another time, right? For the time being, stay safe and take care!