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Best Curling Sports Offering Clubs


Curling Sports

It is a sport that is played by two teams with 4 players each. Every team tries its best to slide down the ice rocks toward the house on the other side. So, the team with more points at the end will be the winner. Every player wears a special kit and shoes, along with the curling stones to play the game efficiently.

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What Is Curling Stone And Why Does It Curl?

A large polished circular stone used in the curling game is called the curling stone. It has a handle on top. It curls due to the friction. The stone is made of dense polished granite. The concave bottom of the stone causes the friction to be minimized and the curling stone slides more.  

There is no proper or specified weight of a curling stone. It ranges between a minimum and maximum value. Their weight ranges from 17.24kg to 19.96kg. In pounds, we can say that it is from 38lbs to 44lbs.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you want to get a new stone, a new curling stone price is around $450 which is equal to £322. You also have the option to get a used one at a lower price. It will just cost you around $295. The used curling stone price greatly depends upon the quality and condition of the ball.


. Madison Curling Club

What Does The Club Offer?

This is a great curling club that is offering lessons to the players to learn to curl. The Madison Curling Club is run by professionals who know the art of doing their job efficiently as well as effectively. The club also offers league play.

The club is a sports program type organization. It offers competitive as well as recreational programs. The club also offers wheelchair curling sports.

Serving The Disabled Ones

The Madison Curling Club serves patients with different injuries and other disabled persons. 

. Utica Curling Club

This is the biggest venue to play icy, Olympic games east of Chicago. The Utica Curling Club began its journey in 1868. It is one of the oldest fitness clubs in the United States. It has more than 300 members. The club is located on Clark Mills Road in Whitesboro.

It is the largest curling club east of Chicago with six playing sheets. The sheet is the playing area for curling games. The group is looking forward to celebrating its 150th anniversary. The club’s closing period is between Christmas and New Year’s.

What Does It Offer?

The Utica Curling Club offers leagues for different levels of skill and fitness. The range of participants ranged from teenagers to 90-plus. The curling facility is for both genders. There are leagues for men and women. Another option is the mixed one, in which two men and two women play. There is also an option of any combination of men and women. This is called the open combination. Teams from different colleges like Hamilton College, SUNY Poly Institute and Colgate University consider the Utica Curling Club as their home ice.