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Competition Ideas for your Next Exhibition


Competitions can work genuinely to draw site visitors to your exhibition stands for congress in Orlando, but as with the whole thing, you need to be very cautious as to how it works and what works best for your brand and those attending your exhibitions.   

Here are 5 Competition Ideas for Your Exhibition Stand:

       1. How many candies are inside the jar?

This is a traditional competition and it is certain to create some friendly competition among the exhibition attendees.

       2. Guess the weight of an item

Guessing the weight of an item is a classic competition and it is one that attracts people’s attention. 

       3. Hold a raffle

Instead of promoting raffle tickets, you can hand them out and request visitors to revisit your stand at a particular time for the raffle draw.

       4. Games consisting of Batak

Adding a fantastic interactive detail will increase the exhilaration towards your exhibition stand. It creates an engaging incentive, mainly for younger goal audiences.

       5. Locate something hidden on the stand

You can deliberately hide something inside your artwork or stand. Additionally, a famous game with the younger generation is a ‘Where’s Wally’ themed competition. This will create an exceptional buzz amongst the site visitors. However, if you need to incorporate technology into your competition, you may achieve this through the use of a digital headset. This makes you stand out amongst other exhibitions in your location.  

Things to Note:




Quality rewards or prizes are very vital. You need to consider your prize carefully and try to make it applicable to your industry. Quality of your prize will reflect the quality of your brand or business. Think about your target market while choosing a prize. If they are younger, then they’ll be interested in something technological such as a GoPro or a hover-board. A suitable prize to individuals who are attending the event is crucial to increase your footfall.


Social Media


Interaction through social media will improve your presence at an exhibition. Tweet and speak about your stand, advice visitors what your brand entails, who you are and what your brand is all about. Promote your competition through social media – this can inspire visitors that could have ignored your stand in time past. When it comes to pronouncing your winner, there are two advantages it adds to your brand or business particularly when done on your social media pages. Firstly, it will encourage visitors to view your pages and observe your brand.  Secondly, you will have the opportunity to keep pitching your brand to the public through these channels whilst creating a massive quantity of interplay. You can as well increase engagement on social media, by announcing the winner of the competition through your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This style of competition usually results in an extraordinary success and tremendous stand display.  




Generation of leads is the purpose of displaying in the first place; you need to generate new business opportunities and leads to make a good ROI for your business. However, ensure someone follows up every lead with a telephone call or email subsequently. The lead could result in being cold when you fail to be consistent with your follow up.