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CryptoCurrency: The Rise of a New Titan


CryptoCurrency is growing stronger and stronger every single day and more and more people are investing in this currency. It also means that more people want to use their cryptocurrency in their everyday life. That’s why several casinos now have decided to offer Cryptocurrency as a payment option at online casinos. There are even casinos that are only offering you to use cryptocurrency and no other payment methods. You can use the currency to play all of the games that the casino offer – from slots to the live casino and poker.

There are still casinos today however that is not offering you the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency so check this before you pick your next online casino.

What is CryptoCurrency?

So what is cryptocurrency and why are casinos using it as a currency? Cryptocurrency is a digital asset and it works as a medium of exchange. Simply explained – it’s a currency that is completely online so you don’t have to use actual money. It is also completely anonymously and cannot be traced. The value of the cryptocurrency depends on the supply and demand. So the more people that use it and trades, the more it is worth it.

There are many casinos with Bitcoin especially – it is the most well-known cryptocurrency today. Bitcoin has been around since 2008 and the idea behind it is to make payment possible between two people without involving a third party. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that is being offered at online casinos. You can also pay with Bitcoin Cash, NEO, LiteCoin to name a few.

Benefits of using CryptoCurreny online

The main benefit of using cryptocurrency at online casinos is that it’s not only easy, but it also leads to the cryptocurrency gaining value which leads to a bigger demand. You can make a payment in different ways depending on the online casino, some allow you to straight forward use the cryptocurrency to pay, and some converts it into dollars with the current exchange rate.

There is also a lower fee when you use cryptocurrency than credit cards. These fees can be a lot at the end of the month, and using cryptocurrency will save you money on this. Another benefit is that there is a smaller chance to have your identity stolen or to be subjected to fraud.

Finding the right casino for you

When picking the right casino for you, you need to consider more than just which payment methods they offer. You also need to consider if the casino is right for you and what you are looking for in an online casino. What kind of games do they offer? What kind of bonuses do they offer? If you are planning on playing a lot, you should also check if they are offering a VIP club so you can get more benefits. Do they have a friendly customer service? What license do they have? These are all questions you should ask yourself before you pick your next online casino.