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Cut Your Office Energy Costs In 3 Easy Steps


From your PCs and printers to your heating and air conditioning systems, there’s a lot to power in your office – and if you’re not careful, you can end up spending a small fortune on your utility bills. But there are some straightforward steps you can take to bring your costs down. Here are three to get you started.

 1. Switch To A New Energy Supplier

 Whether you’re on a monthly contact or you have a yearly tariff, you might be paying significantly over the odds for your business energy. Given that you’ve no doubt got so many other things to focus on, finding the best deal on your utilities might not be top of your to-do list. But if you fail to shop around for a competitive offer and simply allow your existing contract to keep rolling over, you could be wasting money – and a lot of it.

 As business utilities specialist Utility Bidder highlights, it’s important for companies to take a careful look at their options when it comes to energy providers. By putting a little effort into finding the best deal, businesses can cut their expenses and boost their bottom lines. Moving to a new deal may be easier than you think too. Specialist comparison services will help you find the best electricity rates wherever you are. For instance, if you live in the state of Connecticut, U.S.A., look for energy comparison sites like Electricityrates.com to compare electricity rates in CT. This will enable you to pay less for your energy costs to increase your efficiency in energy consumption.

 2. Make The Swap To More Efficient Lighting

 Once you’ve made sure you’re on the right tariff, it’s time to look into ways to cut your energy usage. One quick, simple and effective action you can take is to replace traditional light bulbs with LEDs. These bulbs are much more energy efficient and can slash your lighting costs. You might also want to install motion sensors so that lights are only on when they need to be. This is especially useful in areas that are only used intermittently, such as meeting rooms, kitchens and toilets.

 Make the most of natural light too by opening blinds when appropriate. This can significantly cut your need for artificial lighting.

 3. Get A Handle On Your HVAC

Office heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can be complex, so if you haven’t already done so, spend some time making sure you’re completely up to speed on the controls. Your HVAC solution is likely to be one of the biggest drains of energy in your office, so it’s really important to use it as efficiently as possible. You should start by making sure the temperature is set at the right level, and that the system is programmed to turn on and off at the appropriate times. If you have a building management system, it’s a good idea to get a professional controls expert into your workplace to tune the system for maximum efficiency.

Following these pointers will not only help you save money, it will also allow you to cut your carbon footprint and make your business more environmentally responsible.