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Do You Need The Latest Gadgets To Play Online Games?


Playing online has become one of the preferred pastimes of the new generation. Millions of people all over the world engage in games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, or even the latest Star Wars title. As a phone salesman, I’m often asked whether a new phone is needed to play mobile games today. And I can never give a short answer to this question, because there are so many games out there, and there are also an incredible variety of handsets to choose from. This short guide will hopefully give the insights needed to decide whether or not you need the latest phone to play online games.

It depends on the game, really

I don’t play MOBAs, I’m not a fan of racing games and shooters either. I have a specific taste when it comes to online games: I like slot machines. And I chose the All Slots Casino as my preferred gaming destination, for multiple reasons.

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First of all, it has a massive collection of games. The All Slots Mobile Casino has over 80 slot machines in its library. And if I choose to play on my PC, I can choose from hundreds more. And all of the mobile games at the All Slots Casino run like a charm on my old Samsung Galaxy. It was a flagship back in the day, and it’s still the perfect choice for my gaming needs. I don’t need anything stronger to play my favorite All Slots Casino games, and you won’t need one either.

But players with different tastes might need different gadgets for the best gaming experience.

Need for Speed: No Limits, for example, lists only one requirement: Android version 4.0.3 or above. My other phone (I am a phone salesman, remember?) has a newer version of the operating system on it, which theoretically makes it suitable to run this excellent racing game. But running it on an older phone is a completely different matter. Aside from the fact that it loads slowly, it often freezes for a fraction of a second, and it ruins the whole experience.

New games need new gadgets

New games need new gadgets

The more complex the game, the more demanding it will be hardware-wise. Which is a problem, because there are many older phones, still eligible for certain OS updates, out there, which are not suitable to run certain games. And if the hardware is weak, the gaming experience will be ruined – and the user is less likely to buy a new phone than delete the app and forget about it forever.

If you plan to use your phone as a gaming console rather than a communication device, I would recommend that you try to invest in a handset as close to the current flagships as you can afford. And make sure it has a large screen – it makes a huge difference, and it’s worth paying a bit extra for it, too.