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Dota 2 Tips And Tricks


Playing Dota 2 doesn’t always go as planned. It’s easy to do something wrong, and you may end up dragging the whole team down, thus losing. The game is very complex and includes many things you need to be aware of if you want to become a pro.

If you’ve just picked up Dota 2 and it’s giving you a difficult time, you need to step up your game and practice a lot in order to master it. Therefore, we constructed this list of tips and tricks that will help you become a pro and be featured on bet Dota 2 websites.

Don’t Pick a Difficult Hero

When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to be tempted to pick the probably strongest and coolest looking hero. Well, that isn’t always the best option, because as there are more than 100 heroes in the game, not all of them give beginners an easy time.

At the very beginning, it’s indicated to go with an easier to play hero, one that has good simple skills and can be quite affective during all game. The other heroes with high skill cap are meant for players with more experience, and pros, who are usually popular on Dota 2 betting sites.

Develop Some Thick Skin

As the internet has become widely used nowadays, stumbling upon rude people is not uncommon. What’s annoying is that they’ve made their way even to Dota 2, and you might find players that will try to insult and provoke you.

Regardless of what they say, don’t let them put you down, and maintain a positive mindset. People like this are only trying to make you feel bad in an attempt to make themselves feel better so cute and report them if they become too much.

Listen to Others

While you must be cautious around other players, especially after hearing about their bad reputation, that doesn’t mean you have to be panicked at any contact. They are not all out there aiming to hurt you. Sure, there might be some interesting individuals along the way, but most of the time you’ll meet people who are passionate and just love the game.

Therefore, do not hesitate to play with them and listen to their advice. In time, you’ll be able to pick up the basics and strategies necessary for winning the game.

Be There to Defend Your Base

The game doesn’t only consist of having to beat the enemy team, but also defend your base so it doesn’t end up being destroyed. If you don’t, your team might lose. While the game overall sounds very complex, the main idea is very easy to understand. You must protect the main building inside your base.

Even if you’re away from the base doing something else, if it’s under attack, abandon everything and run back or teleport to defend it, or you’ll have to face the anger of your teammates or game will end pretty fast.

Take Advantage of the Fog

Over the map, you’ll notice there is quite a lot of fog of war and it changes during the day and night cycle. You and your enemies have more vision during the day, and restricted vision during the night. You can reveal the fog on your enemy’s side using Observer Wards, making it much easier to kill them.

There are a lot of places on the map (mostly in the woods) where fog of war is most effective. Combining the knowledge of secret passes in the trees and fog of war, you can easily trick your enemies whenever you want to hide from them or stealthy attack them. Learning these places and combining it with the might be a great advantage. By knowing where your opponents have the best visibility over your position, you can hide and strike at the right moment.


Dota 2 might be complex and you need some time to be able to learn the best tactics, but it’s not the hardest thing in the world either. Sure, you’ll have a harder time in the beginning but in time, the tips presented above will settle naturally and you can become a pro.

It’s important to know some useful tips if you want to become better at Dota 2 and even win some Dota 2 bet money. Hopefully, this list was helpful to you.