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Google Unveils Chrome Enterprise For Businesses


Google keeps innovating their products. They are upbeat and are now trying to get Chromebooks in more companies. The tech giant has announced that it is launching a new enterprise for large companies on the latest version of its browser Chrome OS.

The Chrome Enterprise attracts a yearly subscription fee of $50 for each Chrome OS device.  Chrome OS integrates with other business enterprise systems and handles tasks such as fleet management, Microsoft Active Directory integration, and printer management. Its service will give an enterprise’s IT administrator the ability to control Google’s open-source Chrome OS desktop operating system, using already existing and familiar tools.

Chrome Enterprise is fully compatible with their existing Microsoft Active Directory integration.  Google has removed the main obstacle for organizations changing to Chrome OS, which was the capacity to run Chrome OS and Windows on the same managed network.  Activity Directory now allows users to log into Chrome OS devices using their work credentials or passwords and IDs, and access their Google Cloud services. This could benefit real money online casino players. It eliminates the hassle of using different credentials or managing different networks. IT admins will be able to manage their access to these devices and services.

Chrome Enterprise is the same old Chrome OS with features to manage a business effectively. Here are some new features below

VMware AirWatch

This is an enterprise for managing apps on a user’s device and store support. It allows IT admins to know what Android apps can be installed on Chrome OS devices. It focuses on the ability to run Android apps.

Printer management

The IT admin is given control over all the printers within the premises via Microsoft Active Directory.

Managed Chrome Extensions and Browser Management

What workers browse is still an issue in many offices around the world. Some things browsed during work time or in the office cannot be ethical. Browsing should be managed. You cannot be having people trying to win an online slots jackpot using company resources, they have to do that on their mobile smart phone. In addition, Chrome Enterprise manages OS updates and has a Single Sign- on support.