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How Apex Legends Can Be Improved: 8 Ideas


Introduced to the public only on this year’s February, Apex Legends surprised the whole world with its stunning success. No wonder why so many people loved it – it shows a new, fresh look on the well-known genre of battle royale.

With its vast popularity, we assume the developers will be doing their best to keep users interested and satisfied with the quality of the gameplay.

Currently, the game doesn’t seem to have any significant cons. Being one of the most played battle royales, it continually receives positive comments from players. However, there is always space for improvement. We have found some week sides of the game that can be enhanced.

8 Ideas For Improvement

Without a doubt, Apex Legends continues gaining momentum. However, this doesn’t mean there is no space for further improvement.

Although we have seen lots of positive feedback so far, there are some quite confusing and annoying flaws that should be removed. Below, we have a few ideas that can make this game even better than it is!

  • Recent players List

In the game, we come across thousands of players. Some of them may not be too good, but what if you meet someone with whom you would love to play again? In this case, it would be handy to have a list of users with whom you have engaged recently.

  • Training Mode

It always takes a while to get the full feel of the new game. Often, you have to spend days or even weeks to learn the characteristics of weapons, heroes, map, etc. We think it would be lovely if the developers give new players a chance to discover the game and test different characters in a separate training mode.

  • Stats

We bet that all players would appreciate seeing a full list of their overall Apex Legend stats in the game. At this point, you can only see the progress made with each particular character, which makes it hard to calculate the overall statistic.

  • Inventory

Inventory management in the game needs some serious improvement. Currently, it is not too convenient for many players, especially for those who play from the console.

  • Speed Of Characters

Of course, it is much more fun to have more action in the game. But it shouldn’t confront to realism. In Apex Legends, shooting from long distances, players can only rely on a lucky chance, not that much on their skills. Thus, this is one more thing to be improved.

  • Console Performance

Probably, console users face the biggest number of issues than those who use their PCs.

Playing Apex Legends on PS4 or Xbox, you expect it to run at 60 FPS but, as a result, you are left wishing it would be smoother. Hard to tell if this is caused by real frame drops or insignificant difference in responsiveness, but it would be great if the developers could enhance the optimization a bit.

  • Too Much Health

Sometimes, trying to shoot an enemy, you can notice that his health is still too big. This is just one of the game’s characteristics. Due to its futuristic setting and gun balancing, it assumes that you will have to make lots of shots before you can finally kill your enemy.

  • Balance Of Health And Ammo

Many users agree that they lack ammo in the game too often. This is always quite frustrating, especially taking into account our previous point related to how many bullets you need to waste to take someone down.  It won’t be a bad idea to find a balance between the available ammo and a character’s health.