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How can a Real Time Bidding Platform Strengthen Your Business?


Real time bidding is a tool your business can use to automate the bidding process when it comes to purchasing ad impressions online. As the world grows smaller, shrinking, some would say, to the size of a smart-phone you can carry around in your pocket, real time bidding makes it infinitely easier for businesses to reach out to potential customers using advertising targeted just for them while they are on the go. These are a few ways a real time bidding platform can help you make your business stronger than before.


Levels the Playing Fields

Thanks to targeted ads purchased via a real time bidding platform, you have access to the same display advertising big name competition has access to. Since you’re setting the price you even have the ability to purchase the advertising you can afford and skip advertising that is outside your price range. Working with a skilled digital marketing agency in Toronto will help you get more for your advertising dollar as they can help you create advertising campaigns targeted for your consumers.

How can a Real Time Bidding Platform Strengthen Your Business

Allows you to Track Campaign Histories and Results

In order to determine whether a campaign or strategy is successful or not, you must be able to follow its history and understand its results. That’s part of what a real time bidding platform offers you – the tools you need to determine how effective your current methods are. This lets you know when to run for the hills, consider alternate routes, make a few adjustments to your game, or keep swinging away.

Encourages You to Create and Fine-Tune New Strategies and Campaigns

Each small success you achieve with real time bidding encourages new pursuits, more aggressive campaigns, and strategies that offer bigger risks with the hope of even greater rewards. The beauty of real time bidding, though, is that you can afford to take these greater risks because, just as the new strategies can be launched immediately, they can also be halted just as quickly if you’re not getting the desired results. This allows you to make adjustments on the go when necessary.

Permits You to Target Your Audience Geographically

RTB advertising is a real win for those preparing to take their mobile marketing to the next step. People take their mobile phones and devices wherever they may roam. This allows mobile marketers to target their audience more effectively not only for likely buyers of the items you’re selling, but also according to their geographic location so that you can gain new local customers for your business. While you enjoy the added benefit of location based targeting of customers you still maintain the ability to target by demographics and context – giving you even more power to market to your target audience.

With big benefits like these, it’s time for any business interested in making its presence felt on the World Wide Web and in mobile marketing to take advantage of a real time bidding platform to ease the ad buying process. Combine that with the expert advice and guidance of a digital marketing agency to get even greater value from your advertising efforts.