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How Computers Can Further Streamline Your Business


Computers have done wonders for businesses across the globe over the past thirty years. Time consuming tasks have been rendered obsolete and both global and small businesses benefit from them on a grand scale. Yet there are other areas of your business that can likely benefit from what computers have to offer that you may not yet have implemented. Here you can see some for yourself and perhaps try one or two out.

Print Cheques From Your Computer

You can now print cheques directly from your computer with help from checkomatic. Gone are the days where you spend hours hunched over your desk writing out cheques, again, computers can provide a valuable time saving tool. Not only does it save time, but printing your cheques in this fashion allows them to look utterly professional and impress its recipients. Customers and suppliers like to know they’re dealing with someone who is not amateurish and conducts themselves in an appropriate manner, this lends weight to you as a person and overall credibility to your business.

Use Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has gradually gained momentum over the last few years and is now a major player for businesses and home personal use across the globe. It can streamline your business by allowing you and other chosen individuals access to key business files from any country that has internet access. It can double productivity and impress clients as you’ll no longer need to lug around memory sticks or spare hard drives. Cloud computing is especially useful if you are often going out to client locations or meet people out of your offices. It has the added benefit of more security, it is a lot harder to hack than traditional server based systems. Cloud based computing are less vulnerable to events out of your control like flooding, accidental damage and fire so your systems are more secure. You can find a full list of cloud benefits here.


Payment Solutions

If you run a customer facing business such as a store or a restaurant then you’ll be taking payments off customers in real time. It is important to streamline this as much as possible. Firstly, to keep customers happy. But secondly to keep your employees productive and moving from customer to customer. You should use a good system, one that allows quick and accurate payment processing. There’s nothing worse than a system which takes ages, wasting the customer’s time and employee productivity. The computer chips in the newer processing machines allow for this. They also use apple and android pay, giving your customer all the modern payment methods which they love. It is significant because without these you are alienating customers who may only have the current means to pay by phone.

Use Analytics

If you run a website you may think you already use a computer to its maximum proficiency. But by using Google Analytics you can see exactly who comes to your site and from there. This is great because you can analyse what advertisement is working and even from which country they’re coming from, allowing you to act on the information accordingly. E.G, if a certain advertisement isn’t at all working you can shut it down and stop wasting cash.