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How To Choose The Best Data Storage Solution For Your Business


When it comes to data storage, you need to make sure that you have the best possible option for you. Data is a digital entity, but it is still invaluable to a company or an individual. Losing data can even cause a financial crisis in a company or a big market/business.

It is important that you choose a good data storage solution for a business that you are running or having.

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Why Do You Need A Data Storage Solution?

As a business in the 21st century, you work with computers all the time, and you also collect all kinds of data about your business, customers and clients. It is important to keep and store all this data.

Over the course of time, all this data will only increase to a level where you will need an efficient data storage to manage all the data that you have. You will also need data storage solutions for backups of your current data. Keep in mind that putting all your eggs in one basket is not a good thing to do.

Types of Storage Solutions

There are two types of storage solutions that you should consider for your business. One is general data storage, and the other one is a backup and having a copy of your critical data.

General Data Storage: General Data Storage is the option that you need to store a first-hand copy of your data. You, as a business, must be collecting several different types of data on a daily basis. All this data is important for your business to strive, and it is important that you have a solution to store all this. A solution that should also be scalable.

Data Backup Solution: This is needed when you already have a first-hand copy of the data and you want to keep a backup for critical times. Remember me saying; never put all your eggs in one basket, this is what I meant. This solution provides you an assurance that even if your main data storage option crashes down due to some problems, then you will have an option that gives you all your data back.

Data Storage Options That You Should Consider

Flash Drives – Thumb Drives

This is one of the most fundamental forms of data storage solution, and it is also one of the most portable ones. These thumb drives come in storage options starting 2GB, and they can go up to 128 GB depending on the price you go for.

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They come in USB 2.0 as well as USB 3.0 options. USB 3.0 is a faster option and allows you to copy your data at a faster rate of transfer.

External Hard Drives

This option provides you a larger space for your data that goes up to terabytes of space. They are slightly bigger than thumb drives, but they offer a better option when it comes to storage as they have more space.

The external hard drives are just like internal hard drives, but they can be connected via USB to a PC externally.

Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage or NAS is a great option if you want a storage option that is also connected to your network. You can make this as a shared storage option that works as a central storage drive for many systems on a network.

These NAS drives run on a very trimmed version of an operating system and hence you can even run them all day long in a standalone mode.

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Cloud storage options – Dropbox, GDrive etc.

You can also consider online storage options that are cloud based for storing your data. All you need to do is buy space from these providers, and they will take the rest care. The systems are cloud-based, so they are available almost all the time. There can be some down times, but that only happens in rare cases.

Some online cloud based storage solutions are:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Copy
  • net
  • 4Shared


These were some of the most used and best storage options available today that you can use to fulfill your business’ storage options need. I prefer external hard drives as well as cloud-based options because of their space and reliability.